I have gone thru the page again and here is the best that i didnt write last time.

I find last summer that many terror attacks where very close to big premieres like Batman and Bond.
Bond Spectre had premiere 30th October 2015, the Paris shooting was 13 and 14th November 2015.
London boombing was 7th July 2005 Batman Begins premiered 27th july.
My theory was that people dont go out an party after an terrorist attack so they go to the movies instead.
And the people that was going to Paris for an example, when there trip gets cancelled they go to the movies also.
Maybe they made sure that the cinemas where open and showed the movies.

The attacks where close to a big premiere and the morgan freeman on the internets tells where the attacks will be
to warn people from going to that country.

That forex buys money when the money value has dropped.
They need to have money from every country.

That many managers are to hard on there artists that they not are allowed to see there fans after there gigs, DJs and artists.

50 cent – heat “dr dre got the receipe”
Do they mean he got the receipe for a hit song or do they mean he got the receipe for cocaine.
Isnt it Dr Dre eminem sings about in the real slim shady.

That there is something with the house Jamal Woolard lives in, in the Notorius movie.

That there is something with Fairmont gold, that it has something to do with the mine in Ontario Canada, where Dexter and Mr. white from
Breaking bad ended up.

I thought i had written something better about Fyre festival.
Ive watched the two documentarys now and i really dont believe it was a fraud from the beggining like one hater in the documentary
thought, the man behind “fyre fraud” on twitter.
If it was a fraud they wouldnt have tried so hard.
I think the trouble started when they had to leave the Pablo Escobar island because they had mentioned that it had been owned by Pablo Escobar in the trailer.
The new island wasnt that exclusive and that island had an other event the same weekend, an sailing event.
And the place where they where to sleep was just a part of an big island, not an island of its own.
I believe Billy wanted the event to work thats why he lied to investors that everything where going as planned to get more money
and that he had alot of money in facebook stocks so the economy was good, he just wanted the event to work.
But maybe it was wrong of him to lie to the PR people that everything worked as planned they wasnt on the island so they continued to
release happy news and sell more things, maybe they should have stopped it weeks before.
But i really think that people wanted the event to go bad, the app they where realizing where really great.
Maybe they got him of the Pablo Escobar island and made it hard for them to get things like tents to the island, they also had an insider problem with people realizing bad news to the haters in NY.
And the rain storm the night before also destroyd it alot.
I think they are affraid of people that are smart and a bit criminal like Billy ( and me )
And ofc it was bad of Billy to sell fake tickets when he was released on bail.
But i think he did it as an joke.
Ive found an youtube clip that i cant find now with newsanchors laughing at the failure, it just felt very fake that they new that someone had destroyd if for them.
Its a person like Billy i want on my side to sell the club concept.

I believe ive found something really cool about the movie 21, but i deleted it.
I love Kate Bosworth to much, i sometimes hear here voice telling me to stop thinking about it.
That the movie happened at the skulls school.
They maybe say that it happened at an MIT school, but its not like the principal at one MIT school will call
all the other MIT schools and see if it was at there school it happened.

That they before netflix and hbo didnt show entourage and californication in NY, that they only had series like
criminal minds and CSI in NY.
Dont know about that.

Watched Cruel Intentions dont know if it has something to do with the movie.
But i do believe that kids that goes on college often leave campus to go to there house in the Hamptons.
They call there parents to se if they are going to be in the hamptons or the NY apartment this weekend.
They have an key to the house.
And that they play roleplay and many rich kids dont take college to serious they party and play poker.
Its a bit like roleplay Ryan Philippe and Geller is playing.

Can artists that not are missing or dead be “missing”.
Ive searched for swedish Emilia that just dissapeared after her hit and great song Big Big world.
She had done some tv appearances but something just dont feel right, maybe she also wrights songs for other artists.
And her own career is like blocked.
I also listened alot to house DJ Fisher songs he has released alot of great songs in short time.
Losing it sounds alot like Dennis Ferrer – Hey Hey and Dennis Ferrer hasnt released anything of his own in years.

Already in the hospital in 2018 i thought about how i meet your mother that 9/11 day wasnt in the series it was to sensitive
for them, that the writers where behind the attacks.
That 9/11 isnt in any series what i know.

In enemy of the state Gene Hackman tells Will Smith that the NSA can here some people say words like bomb.
Wasnt it a bit stupid to have that in the movie, that will warn the terrorists.
I watched it last night prob the 8th time i watched that movie but i still had it wrong i wrote that Jon Voight worked for the
CIA so i was wrong there and will have to think about that again.
But there probably is a connection beetwen NSA and CIA more that the one i wrote in my latest text.
And probably there is something with the law that they wanted to be aproved in the movie

Im losing control over which agencys are good or bad, i thought it was for CIA frank abagnale as i wrote on
the instagram but ofc its FBI.
It was FBI that chased him.

I thought it was Frank Abagnale and Wolfgang petersen from the skulls, that planned it and the skulls had connection to the CIA.
So probably people from booth agencys where in on it if my theorys are thru.
Maybe it had to be.
Maybe it was enough that one person at the FBI gave them the wrong leads.
But i do believe it it is FBI that are my friends.

Where JFK mad at the UN for taking american troups and sending them to Europe/asia.

That people really should look up to athletes and artists instead of Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner.

That there is to much homework that more things should be done in school.
School 08-16 then home and study for 3 hours feels wrong, kids should do sports more.

That when spotify started they didnt had a deal with the music labels there where just MP3s, MP3s that they have got from
Sean Parker and Napster.
Dont think so.

I had an theory on fever. how can there be medicin against fever when fever dont have a chemical name.
How can there be something against something that dont exists.
When i was little and had fever, if i didnt take medicin i had it for 4 days if i took medicin i had it 4 days.

When you donate money to swedish “cancerfonden” they donated the money further to the hospitals, that felt wrong.
Ive googled and found out that cancerfonden just have an small office space in Stockholm.

That to many athletes think about money to much, that they like think about there family but i dont think its to good to give
ofc to your old parents
but give to much money to young relatives will maybe do that they stop work hard in school they will become to lazy.
That to many people stop playing fotball when they are about 16 because they believe they will not play in Barcelona or Paris.
Fotballers should go out and tell that you will not have to be Messi to have succeded in a sport.
And that they should have a new player on the front of the FIFA game, someone else than Messi and Ronaldo.
Im thinking about Alphonso Davies a player that has gone from camps in Africa to become a starting
player in Bayern Munich.
Or maybe an older player that got his break when he was older to show that it never is to late.

Had a theory about protein pouder that people that goes to the gym use.
That its mental they believe they get power from it so they practice longer and that is why they get more muscles
because they gym longer.
That bars will get you fatter but you practice longer so its like +/- 0.
Sometimes i write about things i dont know anything about haha
I sometimes regrets that i didnt went to the beach more last summer, i spend to much time on the computer drinking beer and writing really strange things.
But sometimes you will find good things.
And i had a really great time, i went out partying every night and i meet some cool people that i love to meet again but maybe i cant,

I Wrote alot about HIMYM.
My theory was that was that Barney is homosexual as he is in real life.
And that is why he chase women so much to somehow proof that he likes them.
That Ted was an architech so he probably travelled alot to be close to the things he was creating.
His wife girl in yellow umbrella travelled alot with the band so she wasnt home alot.
So that it was Barney with help from Robyn that raised Teds children.
Because Barney couldnt/wanted to have kids on his own.
And that is why Ted is telling his whole life in one night, he didnt know his children.

But some will just say, he isnt telling his whole life he is just telling how he meet his wife.

That people now can listen to music al the time with spotify and smartphones which is great, but we could listen to radio with the old phones.
But try to listen to an album when you are home, laying in the bed listen to a album is more relaxing then laying with your phone and switching songs al the time.
That maybe house music which i love have taking over to much so that people dont try to use instruments these days.
But if you want to be an great house producer it will help you to learn some instruments, look at Kygo and his piaono skills.

I didnt like Tiger Woods so much when i was young and played golf, it was the whole NIKE thing i didnt like i didnt think it was what golf was about.
I feel golf is more you can just buy clubs for little money and be great and have fun.
But he is one of my favourites now, without googling i believe he does great things for charity.
And when he had his trouble with his wife, crashing the car.
It was 2 PGA tour players that went to the papers and told them that people didnt like Tiger that he wasnt so nice in the dressing room.
I believe they where told to say that to destroy it a bit for him. how can they say so about him after what he has done especially for young black kids that many started to play golf.
That he had already done so much for golf so with him having trouble shouldnt couldnt hurt him.

Maybe i havnt explained it so good in the main texts but many people working in world trade center didnt went to work that day.
But they got “killed” in the attacks and now live on paradise island.
That i wrote already 27/4 last year.
I wrote it on the instagram but maybe al didnt see, that it is Lerner airfield from the movie Con Air they use
when they travel to the USA.
The world trade center people cant walk around in NY but in Las Vegas they can be.

That the pirate in Captain Philips is a pirate in real life, and that is why he is so good at it.
That he lives in Hollywood and people are scared of him.
Could it be so in more movies that they use criminals.
I watched a movie with Jake Gyllenhal some weeks ago when he plays a coop and they use a hand camera.
In that movie there are some criminals that i wundered where have they found those actors !!
Maybe they where criminals for real.

Do people believe that there is a cable from every homephone in the world.
When people in Sweden calls the USA that there like is a cable in the water.
That a homephone really is a cellphone.
Havnt thought that one through.

That you cant drink the water in Spain because its to hot and the water is to hot and ful of bacterias.
They say the water up North in Norrland Sweden is cold and clean.
Why do you then boil the water to get it free from bacterias ?
But probably the bacterias die when its get really hot in the water.

That Real Madrid got the money they spend on Christiano Ronaldo on shirt selling.

That they in Seinfeld dont have a script they just talk.
A show about nothing.

Before i found my theory about CIA and actors i wrote that airplane mode was created so that people couldnt
call the police on the planes because they had airplane mode on and they where very stressed.
Could really phones disturb the plane.
That only one call came from the planes to the police.

That Vietnam got info about USA from the UN that helped them and they probably had weapons better than we think.

That people just think its other judes when they hear about judes that got killed or taken to auschwitz.
That would be a very big finding.
That people that say that they had relatives that died at auschwitz they just like say they are relatives because judes arent that many
so everyone is like related.
I believe i found some things but that ive found that no judes died world war 2 would be a to big of a finding.

I couldnt cant understand why people visit auschwitz a place where it says that many many people had died
is that a place you want to visit.

When i came to Mallorca 2th May last year a Norwegian threatened me very bad immediately so i tried to get to them.
I will try to remember what i thought when i wrote about Norway and Oil.

That Norway planned to realese that they had oil for years but they dont, oil is Asia.
They raised the rents for stores restaurants and other places.
From that they had raise al the prizes for years the stores restaurants becomes richer and the monthly salarys goes up.

They like raises the prizes so much so it was in there proofit with the rents going up.

So maybe the the people where a bit brooker for a short while before they got there salury up.
From that the treasury becomes bigger and they race the taxes so the treasury becomes even bigger.
Its like we are rich so we do so much for the country so with that we can raise the taxes.
Then they released we have oil.
So when people in Norway are sick and dont have a job they will get alot of money.
( maybe they lowered the taxes after the oil release so the people would become even richer )
The guvernment knows that norwegians are stupid so they had to create something.
And that is why many in Norway dont work because they get so alot of money when they dont do nothing.

Something like that.

Ive hunted people that had left paradise island on an empty oil company up north in Norway.
I believed i mailed it to someone, dont know if it was the right email but i know that agents could se everything i wrote.
I believed they had alot of drugs there also.

I had a theory that it was during the 90s people felt the best because the music was so happy and funny.

That they smuggle drugs from USA (had a theory on NASA ) to australia and Asia with help from the military base Pearl Harbour,
they the see other boats and coasts guards with help from them.

That when you search for a new job that you always have to tell your precent boss that you have.
Or else it will become strange when the job that you have searched will call your boss and ask for good words.
From that you can get in like trouble that your precent boss dont think you like it there.
So talk to them before and let the boss know why and that you have searched for a new job.

That they use principal at schools to find people smart people that could fuck up the system and find paradise island.
They have probably followed and destroyd it for more people than me.

One of my more sick ideas was that it is LA magazine that creates the fires in california every 10th year.
They wanted a story and to use the burned threes to make new papper.
If you can use burned threes to make papper.

One of the first things i did in the hospital after my weight loss was to search on MJ.
Ive found out that they didnt drive him to the closest hospital first, they took him to another.
And then they took the dead body with an helicopter to the closest to do the autopsy.
Why didnt they do the autopsy at the first hospital.
I found that and emailed it to an journalist on a NY magazine, he didnt answer.
What happened on the helicopter.
Maybe i started something there.

Ive searched for MJ and wrote on the site that he was at a library in south africa, black & white.
But that feels like to easy.
Or maybe he went to paradise island performing there.
Maybe i should try to search for more cluese in his music videos.

I also had a theory about his last show that he was practicing for that they had people watching when they practiced and that was the show.
They tricked everyone.
Dont know about that.

Was cocaine created by misstake at an hospital ?

That the creater as i written before from CSI or the person Gil Grisom ( daniel holstein ) plays creates
murderes every thing about them how they did it etc and leaves it in the library in NY.
The one that Morgan Freeman visits in Seven.
And the newspappers come and get it.

If you read about a murder in Texas it could be anywhere.

They dont want us to feelgood.

People dont look what happenes on the other side of the hedge.

I searched for Swedish Ted Gärdestad a great songwriter.

In a song that he hasnt written on papper they sing “vi möts mellan Dover Calais” – We meet beetwen Dover Calais.
Between Dover and Calais there is an island with a little town called Jersey and a castle.

I thought he was there.

1945-1946 there also where a war in Vietnam, beetwen the english and vietnam.
Had a theory that some english stayed there and helped them in the war against USA years later.

Ive found a picture of American soldiers smoking weed during the war.
That they where tricke into that by Italians or englishmen.

16th of june i first wrote about greenland and that the titanic went there with the first people.
But already 1th may i wrote that they had a warm paradise in a prison in panama, before i found greenland
that i cant figure out.

As i wrote ive found Greenland watching an Avicii – Without you ( lyric video ) an extended over 5 minutes long

version, there is similiar ones on Youtube but not the right one that i really liked to Watch.

I Believe the enviroment in the video looks like it can look at Paradise Island.

That the swedes knew that the germans wasnt coming to sweden so the swedish soldiers helped ikea as i written before
and they also helped SJ – Svenska Järnvägar – swedish railroads to lay more rails.
They expanded about 1940.

that blue horseshoe loves anacott steel from the first wall street movie is the password for al apples.
Dont have an apple so cant check.
But i dont believe so.
But i had a theory about England that they have different electrical outlets because when people come from
other countries there comps will die because they cant charge them so people hack there comps when
they have to leave them when they are going out.
London is the bussiness comp of the world and they have different outlets then the rest of the world.

I think it is a bit strange that you have to pay rent when you own the apartment, its like you pay 400 dollars a month for a cleaner to clean the stairs.
And that maybe when you have lived in the apartment for 8 years they will change windows and you dont have to pay for that.
I cant figure it out.

16th june last year i first wrote about my theory on Leo and jumping out with parachutes i thought i came up with that later in august.
What i didnt wrote on the main world trade center text was that he ofc pretended to be a pilot in Catch me if you can.

That he is called Austin Powers because its there the big comps like google Warner and apple have meetings in Austin that is
in the middle of the USA.
Austin Powers make fun of Russians agents irish etc.
But when i searched on it some weeks ago i couldnt like find that the google office in Austin where build when the first movie came out.

I havnt seen the last seasons of Gossip Girl but what i read now is that in the books which the movie is based on you dont get
to know who gossip girl is, but in the series you get to know that it is Dan Humphreys if i understood what i just read right.

I wrote that gossip girl is really many people controlled by Sarah Jessica Parker from Sex and the City.
He left the newspapper last season and starting this blog about rich young people on manhattan, earning money by selling
commercial space on the site.

When the asian girls sees Serena on the central station he text gossip girl, and sarah calls an person she knows on the central station
that takes the picture.

That it is more than one person

Its one hotel bartender
more than one person working on a catering comp
one limo driver
more than one hairdresser
one person selling newspappers

she could of had those connections.

im wrong but i like it.

That Trumps wife is really much younger i wrote 14 but maybe she was 18 when they meet so she is about 40 now there child is 24.
People just thinks she has done alot of botox.
And that is from the movie Liar Liar.
Jim carrey plays a lawyer and he founds out that a woman had lied about her age so she was underaged when she married hers husband,
so the marriage wasnt ok so she gets the children.
Dont know with what purpose trumps wife would lie about here age.



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