Summerizing part 3

I have gone thru the page on last time and i couldnt find anything good i believe.
I can regret that i didnt wrote everything on english but i didnt know then or dont know now who my followers are or how many they are.
But i write on the instagram and website that i like know that i have followers and that things have happened because the things i write.

I believe the funniest things ive found is that hospitals earn money on empty cans/bottles.

I wrote “steal” but it is “blue horseshoe loves anacott steel” that it is the phrase from Wall Street the first movie.

That i believe could be the password for every Apple comp.

Maybe there is _ or – between the words.

haha im just guessing.

Ive found my thoughts on Diana on the site i have written it before but i thought it was strange that the pictures on the Internet
seemed to be from the police, she was chased by the papparazzis shouldnt they have taken som pictures the tunnel was blocked after
the crash so they probably walked forward to se what has happened ?

They took pictures ? but the police took the cameras ?
The papparazzis should of guest that and removed themself when they heard the police came ?

There was a crash but Diana was not in the car ?
But the driver that not was her ordinary driver died together with Dodi Fayed ?

I had a thought now that maybe the whole insident was fake there was no crash in a tunnel at all, but there must have been
reporters there close to the tunnel when they had heard about a crash and that Diana had died there.

But maybe the traffic was back when they had got there ? and its not like they could find cars that was in the tunnel when it happened.

Or the whole tunnel where cars that where in on it ?

I dont know maybe Diana is dead, it makes it harder for me to believe that he is alive when the driver Henri Paul and Dianas partner Dodi Fayed also died.

That Mercedes is the richest car comp they took patern on building cars.
Dont think so.

But i do believe many big comps owns smaller comp to like hide how rich they are.

That christianity was the first religion and that other religions was created by the vatican to create wars and unstability.
The vatican had people on horses riding around the world.

30th april 2019 i started writing on my theories about that they took the soldiers money.
I believed that every soldier had with todays value about at least 5000 dollars on there account ?

I counted on it and i really believed that Real Madrid could get there 100 million dollars they spend on Ronaldo from Man united
on shirt sellings.
They have over 100 million likes on FB thanks to Asian and USA tours.

That the romance between Jack And Rose in the Titanic, changed how many girls looked at boys.
The started dating boys from other social classes also.

That they framed Swedish Influencer and cosmetic brand owner Bianca Ingrosso.
She came second in lets dance i believe that the winner Elisa Lindstrom cheated she had practiced for month before
to beat bianca so bianca shouldnt be happy and get more confidence.
Elisa Lindstrom had done nothing before Lets Dance she had like a unfamous country band.
I have seen her perform so no i dont believe she won Lets Dance on fair game.
She got help from people to win.
Some people they dont want to do great.

The the song Black & Yellow by Wiz Khalifa is about dangerous yellow cabs and security guards in black suits.
That you should be aware of them.

That you can trick spotify a little when you have an account you download alot of lists.
Then when you end your account your name is still there because they want you to comeback.
And from that account you can play your downloaded lists without paying.
Dont believe so.

The money from the soldiers in vietnam war they spend on building colour tv and building world trade center.

I had a business idea for Game of thrones.
Instead of building studio in NY and take 15 euros and let them Watch a green screen.
Why not rent a castle in norway, there where big money to make.

I didnt give a try to find george Michael, i just wrote about models.
There is alot of models in his movies.
But maybe he was on Paradise Island.

That they after Fidel Castro died on Cuba.
That they started to party and build nightclubs because they are more free.
They build hotels and Spa:s that sell healthy green drinks.
And that corrupt people buy stocks shares in that business on Cuba.
Dont know if i just wrote it or i found it somewhere.
And that is from HIMYM.
They go to a wedding where they only sell healthy drinks.
The wedding where Ted got left and the girl got back to getter with her ex again.
And the ex is played by in my meening Wolfgang Petersens ( gil grissom, CSI ) brother.

Dont know where i got that from with healthy drinks on Cuba haha

That there is a connection between Blacklist and Homeland.
Dont believe so i think my theory was that when he got caught abroad in Homeland that he really solved
those cases he in blacklist are dealing with.
Dont believe so cant remember so much from homeland or blacklist think i watched the first 2 season in booth series, cant remember so much.

That gangsters from hells angels or bandidos hide in Belfast.
Its in Belfast the gangsters from sons of anarchy have members relatives.

That slumdog millionare really wasnt an lowbudget independent movie that is was created by a big movie company, and they wanted people to donate more to India.
To a fake charity.

I believe there will be slow updating now, im having trouble to find things to write about on the site and Instagram.


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