The Shawshank Redemption

I know The Shawshank Redemption is based on a book by Stephen King from 1982 but i do believe there
can be secrets to find.

How we found the Shawshank Redemption in the Jay Leno talkshow

A man comes home to his wife after been playing golf.

– Sorry im late i helped a women with her car then we had sex im sorry

– You played another round of golf did you ?

I believe this is from The Shawshank redemption and that Andy Dufresne is guilty.

He get mad and confronsts her with that he believes she is having an affair.

They argue and she confessed that she is having an affair with the golfpro.

She then leaves the house to go to the golfpro.

Andy followed her and killed her and the golf pro.

Did he wanted to show the world that, that is not the way how it should be.

The man should be the one in charge.

”i didnt kill her but i made here go away”

He was to stiff for her, he lived to much after the stereotyp.

Mr perfect a banker with a nice school deegre

The young man with Elvis hair that had shared cell with a crazy man that told that he had murdered

a young couple talked about another couple.

Having an affair with the golf pro was the most cliché of al affairs.

A person that wasnt guilty was Morgan Freeman.

”i look back at the person i was back then”

He was blue eyed

Called Red inside.

He didnt have a lawyer.

And when he came out he was like Nelson Mandela he was just glad that he was out so didnt have the power to
go against the system that had fucked him.

So he went to Andy Dufresne in his paradise.

– We have found Raquel Welch working for TV in Californien.
U think that she will be dead but she was a model at the time the movie was situated.
Its not an old poster, she was about 20 on the poster and close to 80 now.

On the roof when the guard is talking about a lottery winnig and Andy Dufresne hear him talk

”do you trust your wife”

”if you do there is no reason why you can not keep al the money yourself tax free”

Believe there is something with that and life insurances !

One theory is that, that is how Steve Jobs did.
He had an life insurance and those money went to his wife.
Maybe she donated them further to a relative taxfree or she knew about that law,
probably and maybe keept them her self taxfree.
No i dont think Steve Jobs is alive.

– We have found a ”Brooks” library in Ohio where there is many Italians living, probably send by the Vatican.
Could there be a secret vatican book at that library.

We Think Tim Robbins is responsibly for al the ”Morgan Freeman is dead” articles on the internet.
And he is the one that came up with the idea for putting an Asian, Mexican Morgan Freeman
on the internet before there will be an attack against that country continent.
He is mad because Morgan Freeman was to good of an actor, no re-takes so The Shawshank Redemption aired
on the cinemas before scheduled time so it was forgotten to the Oscars.
And it didnt win any Oscars.
Al the Oscars Went to Forrest Gump.