Could the film The Skulls be based on a true story.

”unlimited potential, unconditional power”

William Petersen plays one part famous from the CSI.

Its a secret school in Lake Placid outside New York close to the Hamptons
where famous actors celebrities and others have there children.

You see people compete in canoe in the trailer, Lake Placid is a famous lake to compete in canoe.

They had the olympics in 1980, isnt lake placid a very small city to have the olympics in.
Its a great town to do both summer and winter sports.

The movie 21 is based from an real story that happened on that school.

They have a secret club like they have in 21 and the skulls on that school, they start with cards and liqour the good ones
gets an offer to go in the secret club.

Women poker black jack and party.
They have clubs like Eyes wide shut there.

They dont create wars and religions
they create companies !
Casinos !
Online poker !
Insurances !
Betting sites !
They created the golf car you play golf to exercise !
Could they have created patern !?

And as they say in the trailer they created the CIA.

Could they be behind the UNA bomber also ? after that USA got more aware of terrorists.
There is a ST Andrews golf course there.

OFC something is planted in gossip girl
Serena and Nate had like an after party drinking moet dancing at the bar chuck saw it
Blair got to knew about it years after.
Could that be at this school ?

Paul Walker went to that school its him that drives the cars in Fast and furious.

Kate Bosworth from 21 went there.

Laurence Fishburn from 21 and the Matrix also went there.