is Tupac- changes

Coolio – gangsters paradise

Warren g regulate

p diddy mo Money more problem

is those 4 the best hip hop songs

after will smith but that isnt hip hop he dordnt kill any people in his songs ?


gangster paradiise ? New jersey ?

Changes from jersey in UK Island to new jersey ?

a clear bkacj night ? dont be scared ?

on amission trying to find mr Warren g ?

he is looking for himself?

or its not him singing ?

they took my rings ?

he is a gangster producer producer pret to be a gangster to sell more records?

who would rob hum ?

is he talking about sec guards ?

millions of sick English ?

im sorry im late i helped a girl with here car and then we fucked ?

you okayed Another round of golf did you ?

“she said shes car broke down do you need help ?”

yes hip hop artist could pay golf

p diddy do in entourage ?

more Money more sec guards stalking you ?

more comp Calling you trying toi steal your Money

house loans ?

things will never be the sam

it will never happen again ?

is Tupac like nelson mandela in Music ind

never be the same as when ?

they where happy unknown artist just nmaking people snile

Before Warner took over ?

he isnt afraud if other hip hop artists why would hip hop artists kill other artists ?

cds sell cds ? if they like Tupac they buy notorius cd also ?

are the sec guards in NY from ireland ?

the are sec guards

and bartenders ?


they created wars between hip hop Groups so they could es from the people chasing them ?

sec guards from England ?











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