Smartpone 2010 for us !

spotify 2010

Apple removed burining cds

People with spotify bought iphones to listen to there music on the road

People with smartphones bought spotify to listen to music.

the children couldnt burn out cds and listen to in there rooms or portable cds

the children slowly lost there idols.

everyone listened to more and more different artists.

Did spotify get there music from sean parker as i wrote or did they get it from the record labels from start ?

Why hasnt any black gone far in american idol ? they dont want black to feel good,

Everyone listened to spotify more artists fever idols to look up tp

why is spotify on an apple phone they are the biggest competitors ?

Do apple own spotify?

They island let American Idol get thru more new artists no one has there big idols anymore.

People dont buy concert tickets to an artist from american idol with one good song.

Could it be that after american idol more people are searching there dream to become an artists which is nice

but not all sucedd so they survive

as karaoke singers at bars not making that much money.

More bills less incomemore sms loans more anxiety more medicin.

Whick artists has came up since american idol started middle 2000s?

Kygo avicii and some DJS wiz khalifa mr all i do is win.bieber ? Dua Lipa. bieber they couldnt stop he had one hit at bowling place.

Could Zara Larsson Dua Lipa Bieber Ssabina DDumba been created to stand up for the people on the island !?!?!?

Wasnt Dua Lipa´s first performance a bit too good for a model ??

Why did Ludacris make a song with a 14 white person.

They came up with smartphone along time ago but they hadnt came up with the idea for spotify ?

Spotify came and ruined the cd industry !!

AUX cablie 2012 people could listen to spotidy on there cds and in there car less radio and smiley faces-

Why do public radio exists ? crap music and only sad news equals more anxiety more medicin



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