he thinks again opens his brain with his converses on

titanic wasnt like 1902 ?

it was during the world wars 2 ?

people running from the war ?

or maybe maybe just before it started

must be so

they wasnt running they knowed that there wasnt no war

and like cherbourg doesnt exists on the maps ? so no one would find them ?

the actors in moulin rogue must know where they had been ?

it didnt exist back then ? but now it must because
its on google

it does but no one knows that its like a casino paradise.

did someone like 1940 ? ask someone older about the titanic that happened early
1900 ?

rescue boats in 1902 ?

radars ?

flairs ?

planning secret island 1902 ?

did they start the war with money from the titanic ?

no they build the titanic with loaned money like the eiffel tower ?

they where paying back after like 30 years ?

it dont costs money to start a war the weapons they already have

its only money to earn

for sick people

insurances cant existed back then ?

they wouldnt get money for the titanic its crash its crash

but it didnt crash

they went to an secret island

greenland ?

near no one would se the boat

the americans didnt know titanic was coming

they control the magazines


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