Titanic wasnt 1912.

It was during the world wars 2 ?

It left Before World war 2 started.

Maybe whole of UK / france didnt knew about the titanic only people around the hospital people.

Back then people didnt think how big of a chip it was its only people during our time now that knew
how big of an achivemnt it was to build a chip big like the Titanic was.

It was going from Southampton – Cherbourg – cobh – NY.

Did the Americans knew the Titanic was coming ?

Was the titanic build with loaned money ?

They where paying back after like 10 years ?

Like the eiffel tower.

There is a big casino in Cherbourg do the french people know about that city ?

Or is it a secret place for the corrupt people living there fantasy lifes ?

The Titanic was full of actors and rich corrupt hospital people.

And the boat didnt crash into an iceberg those pictures are easy to re-create they are black and white.

The carpathia send out flares so they could se and the people on the boat could see them, but that was to celebrate probably that they where on international water.

The people the carpathia took back to Cobh was French people, now staying in Ireland, probably working in the hotel business,

There is a big hotel chain all over Ireland known from NY.

And it over 10 000 french people living in Ireland.

They went to Greenland that was the safest place to hide its probably not cold on the whole island.

No one would search for a hidden city on Greenland.

Maybe in the beggining they lived on the boat but as soon as the money from the soldiers neclaces around
there necks started coming in they started to build the city?

”They control the media and the movie industry”

”People dont look what happens on the other side of the hedge”


Conspiracy theories, Movie thoughts Company hunting & Club concept


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