Titanic / ww2


Titanic allegedly left April 10, 1912 it was going from Southampton – Cherbourg – Cobh ( ireland ) – NY
but i believe there is a big secret.

The easiest theory is to believe it left 1912 but it didnt crash.
2 years before WW1.

But i believe the secret is that the titanic left 1939 just before WW2 and it didnt crash.

It left 1939 to Greenland its the safest place where no-one would look.

And they build the secret city with money from the dead soldiers.

In the movie inside man Christoffer Plummer plays Arthur Case owner of an Manhattan bank.
One morning he gets a phone call that his bank is being robbed.
The robbers had taken over the bank dressed as painters, they take hostages and dress them to painters also
with everyone themself also with masks on their faces.
Arthur Case contacts Madeleine White ( Jodie Foster ) she is power broker and very good on negotiating.
He tells her that she needs to talk to the robbers and tell them not to open a special bank box.
He tells her that in the box there is something very important to him a present he had got from the nazis and
that he will be in big trouble if it would come in the wrong hands.
The movie ends with the main robber hide inside the bank in a secret area they had build inside a storage room.
He then after a few days leave the bank with diamonds from the special bank box.
Inside Man.

But i have found a twist Arthur Case also is the inside man he was the one that called all the banks in America
to give out the dead soldiers money to the powerful men.
The diamonds in the box was a gift for him doing that.
They took the money with help from the soldiers necklace with there birth date on.

I believe the bank box is 1408 in Chase Manhattan bank.
1408 is a book by Stephen King and a movie with John Cusack about a haunted hotel room.
”dont enter 1408
”many has died there”

With that money they build much of the secret city.
They did the same during the vietnam war.
The USA for Africa shows was another big income for the secret city people.

My theory is that the first people was Germans and Italians.
The Germans started the war with Italy and Japan on there side.
Arthur Case says the things in the bank box was a present from the nazis.

Maybe some people was American also there was some American companies that wanted America to join the
More countries joining the war – more dead soldiers – more money.

Ford – they build the machines for the army
Pan am – they wanted the war to end so they could start flying to europe ( the aviator )
In The aviator Alec Baldwin plays the Pan am owner and in Pearl Harbour he plays a man in the military.
That i believe is a clue that someone from Pan Am and a man in the army got America to join the war.

Also had a theory that someone from Mercedes gave an American the control of selling Mercedes cars in America.
That someone from Mercedes bribed someone in the American army to join the war.

The first famous celebrity to come to Greenland i believe was Elvis and that suggests that the people also
was from America.

I would like to believe there is something with Saving Private Ryan, in The movie Giovanni Ribisi plays a medic.
It should of been the medics that collected the necklaces and Giovanni Ribisi is from Italy.
Italians working in the American army.

They started to leave things in old history books in the big librarys
in New York and Johannesburg about titanic that crashed 1912.
They changed the old books and released new history books with the story about Titanic in them.
People started to read and the myth got bigger.
People that lived 1912 just thought they had forgot about it or just had missed reading about it.
It was no internet back then and i dont think people read so much about what happened in other countries.

What talks against my theory is that it was build in ireland and left from Southampton if someone
that lived worked in Southampton or someone of the other citys in 1912 reads that they must have thought
”why didnt i hear about this boat 1912 im from Southampton”
But who should they tell that ?
People dont look what happens on the other side of the hedge.

But i believe in my theory.

All the photos of the Titanic is fake, and every fifth year or so they release that some divers have been there
so no-one goes there.

Or maybe they have crashed another boat there.

It feels like my theorys suggests that America also was in on the Germans starting the war.

Believe it !!