Could trustor been planned by Swedish lawyers?

englishmen are stupid we know that ?

Jisander like to drink champagne and chase chicks with tatoos from honey.

P O Norberg Company 600 000 ?

Ebglishamn bought it f0r 300 000 ?

P O Norberg has 300 000 ?

Champagne in nice ? 150 000 000 with  the card ?

750 000 to the nightclub ? 750 000 over the amount ?tips ?  to like who they must had a Swedish girl working at the nightclub ?

hello hey whats your name i found you mysterious girl gree you like younger boys ?

150 000 000 with card

PO Norberg has 150 000 000 on the card ?

750 000 black Money ?

could he continued doing it ?

150 000 to take out them with the card ? would be like 750 000 ?

it would be more fun to drink champagne for 750 000 ? and take out 750 000 over the amount ? tips ?

he must had paid lawyers to defend himself ?

has he ?

the englishmen did he pay lawyers ?

do PO Norberg have like inkasso after him ? for sometimes bolagsverket must had checked his Company ? pay taxes ?

could inkasso go abroad to chase people not them but the police ? if its much Money ?

wasnt what i planned a bit like this ?

bostadslån in sweden ?

a kassa pays the bills and the loan ?

move to spain ?

i had won ?

the bank was closed monday röd dag ?

but i was planning to go on tuesday and do it ?

but a fucktard englishman at Swedbank called ward ?

came out and changed the rules ?

now i needed paper on the house i was

bying ?

they didnt say that the first time .

I Went to rubinen to eat lunch ?

they closed it ?

i tried to book a room ?

it was full ?

i sat in the rest ?

police had to show up ” to “fill” the rooms ?

i was planning an ever funnier thing?

people that hated me laughed ?

i could had been done ?

just create an andress with a Picture ?

but hackers stopped me from coming in to hemnet so that i could uload it ?

yes back at bööskolan and there “doctors ” father,

and the day after i just ran ? left leaved the World behind with my Cowmpany card =)


we are a secret that cant be exposed !!

and i take out Money with the card slowly taking out cash to make my card empty ?

its not the same but as smart ?

so all four where in on it or all five PO ? englishman ? Jisander ? what was his name Swedish guy dont want to search niklas or something .

and ofc Posener ?

people searched for him instead of searching in sweden England ?

the englishman does he exist ? has any one seen him ?

Did tv boraodcast from the lawyer meeting ?

no tv are not allowed in ?

did they stand outside yes they did ?

so Jisander got famous ?

and could drink champagne with brats ?

DId vicoria silverstedt work in nightclubs nice ? this time 90s ?

Or maybe the graaf sister ?

circles circles Think Think !!

who am i ?

Dont know dont care

model hunter ?

why can you take out cash with a Company card ? if the card machine is broken soimewhere ? at HM ?

over the amount ?

tips ?

50 %

“it will be hard to take out 5o from the machine”

who checks like HM books ?

resists ?

bolagsverket dont ?

skatteverket dont ?

its like nobody does it ?

everyone else thinsk someone else is doing it ?

people dont look what happens on the other side of the hedge ?

or it doesnt mather ?

over the amount ? it will still say 100 on the resit ?

no because it was no card payment?

they paid cash with cash from the machine ?

you can not take out cash with the Company card ?

why you need resit to skow bolagsverket what you had done ?

its not bolagsverket thats checks ?

its kronofogden ?

inkasso ?

who cheks all companies resists ?

they dont the like revior does )

yes ofc nobody checks because revisorn does it ?

or is it only me that can take out from the machine ? so i dont be as funny so i take out over the amount ?

like doing trustor ?

let him take out Money with the Company card ?

i dont know

they day has just getting started and yes its cloudy so i dont need to go to the beach !

When i solve ecomoics crime i dont stop it ? i help people doingt it ?

i solved trustor and people started doing it ?

did someone have like trustor as there case ? or everyone thought everyone else had it ? it was like renee Nyberg ? and hasse aro ?

” people dont look what happens on the other side of the hedge ”

where is Posener ? no no no stop i cant find people in africas djungle ? stop it go to  astripclub ?

no its Closes and exp ?

people take my card take out 2000 euro ?


is Saint Tropez still there ? what happens there ? Saint Tropez is next to nice ?

Saint tropezi Ibiza ?

dont know never been to france

hey sister souls sister better get that move sister

moulin rouge

over the amount ? tips ? but how didi the Swedish table waitresses get cash ? did they have a key to the safe ?

or was the nightclubs in on ut ?

or the Girls took cash they have gotten from other tables ? no that would be enough ? then they would loose there own Money ?

prob someone at the nc where in on it ?

away with cash ?

more Money on the comp?

more nightclubs ?

no they can buy nightclubs with cash also haha

im lost in translation

im stupid ofc they got the tips after they had finished or the other day Jisander didnt go away with cash in his pockets ?

but didnt the owner wunder why the Girls got so much tips ?

no he just saw the tips ?

he didnt like check the sellings that night !

now the Girls are laughing again =) !!

circles circles dont care

i can talk to Girls for 5 minutes for 10 euros

Life is good !!




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