The spring 1997 an englishman named Lord Moyne together with Peter Mattson Thomas Jisander Lindsay Smallbone
together with who the say was the brain behind this, Joachim Posener bought the investment company Trustor AB.
Before the take over transition was ready Lord Moyne in an not legal way moved 600 million ( swedish kronor ) from the account in
Sweden to an account in London.
He the paid the old owner P-O Norberg 241 million ( Swedish Kronor ) with the company money,
he took out money from Trustor before they really owned the company.

P-O Norberg had been promised that he got to own some of the smaller companys in trustor.

In october 1997 an article was released in Svenska Dagbladet saying that everything
hadnt been done correct.

This was a very short summary.

But i think there is a thing everyone missed.

That summer Thomas Jisander and Peter Mattson drank champagne on the french riveria for 150
million ( swedish kronors) with trustors money
But i think they drank for alot less maybe 75 million and they tipped the rest.
They drank for 75 million and the gave 75 million in tips.
Which they then took back, the nightclub was happy to wash all there cash and get 150 million in to there account.

This was during the IT bubble so there was alot of money spend on the nightclubs on the french riviera.

What did they do with the money ?

– Paid to the old owner P-O Norberg ? they bought trustor for alot less than it was worth.

– Started a company called Parvus Finance in London ?
Parvus finance is the name of the company in Swedish cult movie Den ofrivillige golfaren.

– Paid of lawyers? prosecutors ? media ?
Thomas Jisander is the only one that been sentenced to jail for Trustor.

– That summer they realised that they was going to get caught so they hide that money and have lived
on them since then ?

Joachim Posener left Sweden when things where going down for them.
He left Sweden using a relatives passport.

He has been on the run since then.

And he has now changed his appearance and i think he can bee found in Falun, Sweden.
With a fake name.
In Falun there is alot of grocery store people shop there before they go up to Hemsedal in Norway.
He is the manager in a grocery store and he plays curling on the afternoons.
Smart people plays Curling and chess.

Just a theory.

Could Joachim Poseners father be actor Johan Rabeus from the movie SOS Sällskapsresan.

He listens on the the radio in the movie how his shares is doing.

And could Johan Rabeus be Solvalla kungen – Tore Ferdinand Pettersson he changed his
appearance so noone would recognize him.

There is not so many photos of him he had got alot of his money from frauds.

Tore Ferdinand Pettersson got killed 2004.

You can find Posener in that name.

Solvalla kungen owned Robert Aschberg money an swedish tv personality.

When Renee Nyberg interviewed Joachim Posener 2004 ( posener gave Nyberg secret messages on airports where she
should travel to meet him ) could she had left an note from Robert Aschberg to Joachim Posener
or the other way around.

Probably Aschberg to Posener that he wanted help with killing him so he would get his money.

Renee Nyberg interviewed Posener in Mars Solvalla kungen got killed in November.

”people dont look what happens on the other side of the hedge”

No one are looking for Joachim Posener and beliews he would appear in Falun.

Could other companys have done the same, taking out money on the company card ?!?!?