game 6 bitches the 19th whole

im the chilla in vanilla

babies im the one

lets do a re ruuuuun

they wake up in prada i sing a serenada

if you want to come to my hostel

i can play take one ?

you will not be take n ?

just loved and taken care of ?

the swedish house mafia is back

leave the world behind

dont read magazinez watch the playboys

the tennis fashion is back

crocodils and cock tails

prosecco by day cock tails at night

can be a coktail in a round glas ?

smashed ice

wawe wawe or just crush crush

smile and wave the lejons are back in the djungle

madagas car

not cars on gasolina gasolina a riba a riba

bickes with a motor motor brum brum

they will shake bars bars

not bars and dance dance

prisons without dubbel showers

oh no they will dubbel shower fuck but but

someone call wycleaf 112

call the police the police are the scum

who do we call call

police inside the police

the ones chasing the blue bloods

blue as in police should be good

or or

blood as in red murders and unhappy ness

they dont want us to feel good

a plane crashed in jacksonville lets create area 51

we have no fun

chase birds on the run run

where do they go baby dont know know

the cia boss got killed near a lake

a bird watcher had the film

he got chased chased

will smith bought a brah

the victoria secret had small tits tits

people thought bubba watson no sparx got hated by the blacks because he mad hip hop song
and delivered

they also like god music house and pop


lets open bcm

free bar popcorn on the floors

the maaron fives

have they been at the moon

or just drunk black mojitos with the ambrosinos ?

aphrodite love to seduce


some lets loose

braincells is lost

nooses are filled

the weekend is near

lets party party

all night long !!


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