USA dont cross the fairway


White house president his wife and hiss staff.

The guvernment is about 200 ? and ofc more from the parti that leads.
If the republicans are in the white house, they have the most people in the guvernment.

Guvernment/state employee: people who works schools hospital banks IRS firemen CIA FBI NSA police politicians and more.

The state: The most important people from the biggest most important state companys; police, oil company, banks, cia
fbi, nsa military politicians maybe supreme court.
They are the most important about 150 they know everything, they even have contacts with principals at schools.
They handle the taxes money pay people buys oil and they are in control of the army.
They are 100 on paper, but they are maybe 500 ? that switches from president to president.
People might get to know secrets when they are 35 already ??

Works for the state: is the most important business the business the people in the state come from.

These people get paid with the taxes money.

CIA runs the militarys like business in ASIA with help from Usama Bin Ladin.
The army cant run around there, and the army send troups to start wars, find oil

The new president chooses his security advice his FBI boss and CIA boss, he most choose people from the state.
They ofc are the same people year after year the president dont know where they came from ?
It can probably one from the army one from a bank and one politician ?
But he thinks everyone comes from the army ?

They have been in the state for so long so they know everything.

“it runs within the family”

CIA ofc has many secrets and if it would come a new one from nowhere he would notice things secrets, for example
what are they doing in Stockholm and them in Gothenburg.

Ive been thinking about the secret book. Ontario Canada.
It must be people from the banks that knew about that ?
And you cant find the secrets about ( ww2, inside man ) in it ???

THe difference from europe is that in USA things really happen when it switches from democrats to repuplicans.
THey change like how much you get from beeing sick, and taxes might change.

What Barrack Obama ofc did that i havnt written was that he was the one that got USA involved in donating money to
charitys about protecting the ozon, climate. “another fake charity”

And in USA ofc they also get a christmas bonus at the end of the year.
The state not the president and his staff.
“You dont build new schools at the start of the year”

But CIA dont know 100 % who will take over maybe one from FBI will come and check and find something about World trade center
for example.

ANd wonder why there is agents in countrys that is no threat, like Sweden.

CIA is about protecting USA from foreeign threats ?
FBI protects USA from USA
NSA is satellites, cameras
Secret Service protects the president.

Prison Break !!

The company has put Michael Scofield in Jail twice. When he has escaped SONA ( season 3 )
He starts his revenge against The company and to find there secret SCYLLA.
In the series SCYLLA is secrets on how to grow to “wheat” and thing like that with help from low energy.
With help from solar energy, the vice president Lincoln Burrows was framed for killing
had a company that worked with solar energy.

But ive found i beleive SCYLLA is something else.

S – Society
C – cant
L – Let
Y – You
L – Leave
A – Away

S – Society
C – Can
Y – You
L – Let
L – Leave
A – Away

People who wants to leave the world behind maybe move to a place where they cant be watched.

Its the people they have no reason to watch – no terrorists – but they could find CIA secrets.

On Scylla there also is all the info about whos watching them.

People can have been watched for 25 years then they got lost and people forgot about them,
new people on CIA.
They find a threat somewhere so they go and check if its someone on SCYLLA.

And where can SCYLLA be found ??
I believe at Augusta Golf Course.
“only for members”

Augusta has a expensive sprinkler system and the secrets/computers can be found there down under where they control the sprinklers.
Augusta is in Georgia where the CIA have an office.
And they are dressed as and work on the course, cuts the greens etc.

Its for the CIA Scofield works season for in Season 5

The election is controlled by Michael Douglas,
People dont choose where they from on the ballot.

They give out the wrong result after the “pre election”.

So after the “pre Election” when they have gotten the result. The president put focus on the wrong “group” of people.
Michael Douglas could see that where people from there votes.

He starts with the voting 4 years earlier, the result ?
And has checked how people the candidates have “worked” the year of the voting.

So he can switch the results to his favour.

People probably votes the same ? almost every year.


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