im back

world trade center ofc ofc

it was planned in the 40s late 30s before the war with the airplanes flying slow
so that people wouldns know that the airplanes come from a new york airport
empty planes the people who flew it jumped out with parachutes ?
before crashing i thought it was weird that there was only one call to the police?
i said something about flygplans läge ?
people didnt get there phone up because they where scared and shakey.

i think world war one was created after world war 2
its like a map to al the wars that has happend the last 80 years.

maybe created by albert einstein i thought he lived like 200 years ago
but he died 1955.

and they took money from soldiers to build airpfields and planes and later tvs
and world trade center.

but in the 30s ?
they didnt know about computers ?
insurances ?
passports ?
how many airports there will be and where they will be ?

they didnt know about “al quida”
it was just to asians on those planes from boston and that other city
but it was not those planes that crashed into world trade center
ofc it al was brittish airways planes
two from NY into the world trade center and the one from boston and one other
is “mia”
they didnt know about fbi
cia and secret service ?

many things is planned but some is created during the time.

i came into how i meet your mother
how does that series come forward in time ?
they start in the soffa like 2030 ?
then they are live like in the bar ?
season 3 ?
they go back 2 year ? shouldnt you seen that live season one ?
they jump forward back and forward

why does he hold on to info talking to his children.

ive even seen a fault with the smoking robin says she takes his last cigarette.
but then she smokes ?

if they go back to college why didnt they start in college ?
they didnt plan so many seasons ?
it got more popular then planned.

he goes back to college like middle 90s ?

but why doesnt it in the show ? shows what they did during world trade center
world trade center isnt in any show !

it was to sensitive for them planning it !

how i meet your mother is hard to plan
they need like save all info what they did then and there

i wrote it on facebook

ted is an arcitect = travels ?
yellow umbrella = travels with her band ?

they didnt see there children ? so much thats why he tells his whole life
during one night

i think barney is gay as in real life
thats why he chases so many women to proof he likes them

and maybe thats why robin and barney cant get children
i think they get back together ?
because barney is gay.

its barney and robin that raised teds children.

i think its people behind tv shows how i meet your mother in particular
that planned world trade center with blaming al quida

with life insurances

prob the people that wrote himym is found somewhere hot !
and they must have some funny people with them also writing the jokes!

or maybe not its just feelgood its not laugh attacks.

could it be mr abignale from catch me if you can that wrote himym and
planned world trade center ?
doesnt he work for the cia ?
maybe went to a a school in salt lake ?

and maybe leo flew one of the planes ?
jumping out with a parachute.
he was in catch me if you can
he is a pilot in one movie
he was in the titanic
the beach leave the world behind

catch me if you can ? could it be ass i wrote the older abignale got a car
from leo and solled it to stalk leo ?
dont know just theories.

he talks about the environment ?
why doesnt you fuck girls ? or you are tired of that ?

the environment is fine it was thanks to that trailer for save the world oceans
it was thanks to that i found greenland !

the americans didnt know the titanic was coming !!

sometimes they leave cluese in the movies


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