121 episodes

they eight beeing in it the most is in it 118 ?

what did they do there Days of ?

does he really dies ? he is still on the Island and his dogs comes running =) !

bear grylls 2006 – 2011

lost 2004-2010

did the actors stay on the Island for 6 years ?

John locke recorded   https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0772139/?ref_=nm_flmg_act_20

seems strange could have been rec on the lost island

was it an brittish Airways plane or fly emirates ?

lets have them on the Island so they dont tell the plot ?

why not just dont give them the whole script ?

the people who was in the last episodes had to stay bec they know the ending ?

is in it like fight beetween tribes ?

black indians against the White ?

could the actors been there to search for Medical marijuana ?

what is that ?

he is a doctor ?

Matthew fox

what is Medical marijuana ?

that is created ?

ordinary marijuana is found in the djungle ?

he found marijuana and made it Medical ?

is he a “doctor” in real Life ?

or a chemist ?

two cars explodes when they crash but a plane dont ?

has there been plane crashes except in the water ?

can a person feel different beetween Medical and ordinary maja ?

or its just somethin different so when you smoke Medical it wount show up on your pee sample that you had done drugs ?

how did they bring the camera Equipment ? did they land on the Airport ?

how did they get Power ?

they brougt a big big car with batteries ?

or they brought a big boat with Power to charge the cameras ?

the camers Went on batteries ?

they had like Power banks ?

how did the machine with the button get Power ?

it was a plant there ? an antena ?

Oahu wasnt a like desserted Island it was just a Little part of a big Hawaii Island ?

it was Medical from start ? its just hearbs ?

they had it over 100 years ago 500.

and got changed to not Medical ?

they have like plants in Brazil they just eat if for seconds and they get a thrill

could something from that been planted in marijuana

havnt Heard aout it since 90s

its like a White fortune cookie from plants kids took it

or is it cannabis plants im searching for ? yes i Think so they are White like fortune cookies


or or or its not filmed in Hawaii its filmed in vietnam

the Soldiers in Vietnam smoked marijuana ?

who tricked them into that ?

like “friendly” vietnamese ?

the vietnames smoked it to feel like they where superman they had smoked it Before ?

but the americans smoked it and lost concentration ?

the thin red line was filmed in Vietnam to look for cluese

lost to find more marijuana

yes i think michelle rod like to smoke

have that feeling

is the fortune cookies in bangkok cannabis  ?

im back

the UN gave USA the orders to go to vietnam

UN was in russia ?

Tom ‘Bud’ Abraham a brittish Soldier in US army

did he give them marijuana



could englishmen stayed on the vietnams Island teaching them how to use weapons and maybe left weapons there ? who wants to live in UK

if the vietnames shoot some US army men some must have seen it when the bodies got back to the us amry

or did the bodies stayed on the Island

the dead `staid on the Island ? or ? it was first in aghanistan ? the bodies where collected by the UN ?

stop the shooting ? we hate eachother but stil have the respect to collect the bodies?

no the bodies where collected by night ? when the war had a “break”

Doctors in the Vietnam War: The Ultimate Training Ground


no the bodies where collected like when the war has ended in that Town they where.

the bodies staid on the vietnames Island thats what they searched for in thin red line

but some people must have gotten shoot near the ocean where the american boats where ?

or they didnt shoot near the ocean so the americans would know they had weapons ?


did they do the same thin in the vietnamese war bring in the necklace with the birthdays ?

but do americans have like 4 nr after to seperate people born the same day year

they most have ?

but how did they know which bank to go to collect the Money ?

all banks where from zurich in america ?

there wa s only banks in the big cities in USA

if the Soldier where from kansas they Went to a bank in kansas city ?

what did they do for the Money this time ?



how did they get the Money to produce so many





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