I finished reading Joe Biden promise me dad.

Very inspiring book.

He talks about that you should live a life with a purpose, motiv.

We cant al work in politics and change the world, but we al can do something.

We can be role models to our children its important.

I believe everyone can donate some money, i donate to “majblomman” its for kids hospitals.
When i start to make more money i will start to donate to the swedish homeless also something i really
want to support.

I think its important that the whole family eat as much meals together as they can, its important
so everyone knows how everyone is feeling.
Talk about current events and what is going on in your/there lives.

Maybe its that they are saying in HIMYM people really dont know there parents.
Maybe i have explained it bad but i believe they have left cluese in HIMYM, that you should met your friends
severel time a week.
You dont have to get drunk but its better to be out meeting people than staying home and watch netflix.
And if you have read everything on instagram and the site i believe its Frank Abagnale Jr and William Petersen
from CSI that is two of the people behind 9/11 and they are behind how i met your mother and maybe Prison Break.

They are very smart and its them who have put cluese in movies and series.

William Petersen are in a old movie named The Skulls about a secret club at a college.
They dont talk about it that much in the movie but they say in the trailer that they created CIA.
I belive that secret club/society exists and that he has a big part in it.
And that is the connection with CIA.

I was never a family man i stayed a teenage rebel til i was 22 and moved from home, then i alwaysed worked
so i mostly met them on christmas.

I wanted to have it that way, i alwaysed felt that they controlled me and watched me.

Sadly the last 8 years i have met them more than i want but that is because things has happened and they
came into my life.

Things happened there at the start of 2013 before i ended up in hospital the first time, a thing
happened so i know i cant trust her.

” So i try to be mindful, at all times, of what a difference a small human gesture can make to people in need.
What does it really cost to take a moment to look someone in the eye, to give him a hug, to let her know, i get it.
You´re not alone ”

” true bravery is when there is very little
chance of winning, but you keep fighting ”

” rules for happiness: something to do, someone to love, something to hope for.”

” in al bad that happens, eventually something god will happen if you
just look closely ”

Qoutes from Joe Biden promise me dad


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