Will Smith born 1968

Fresh Prince 1990-1996 will was 22 when it started.

Fresh Prince he was the funny cool guy in School.
From Philly didnt have alot of money moved to LA to live with his uncle and his family, Upper class.

His cousin Carlton the stiff “smart”

But i think WIll had the better grades.
He didnt study but he had fun and was smarter.
And he meet girls.

Tyra Banks born 1973, became model when she was 17 moved to Paris, she was from middle class became “rich”
when she became a model 1990 – became upper class at young age her parents was her agents.
She was smart had been taken in to big universitys but choosed model.

Will dated Tyra Banks 93-94 when she was 20 and had worked as an model for some years she knew good behavour.

WIll had learn the upper class by “acting” upper class, he heard and learned from uncle Phil and the family talking ?

Tyra was in Fresh Prince also the meet there they where together, but will didnt take any relationship serious
in fresh prince.

Will started to date Jada Pinkett Smith 1997 – she is from the upper class.

Will learned how to chase normal girls/women in Philly
Normal girls/women while living in LA filming Fresh Prince.
Brats/upper class while filming Fresh Prince he got famous very fast.
Ofc he went out partying while filming, and ofc he had his jacket inside out !

Jada and will have told in the press that they have an open relationship, but they have had that all the time ?

They meet other famous couples and heard about there problems.

Hitch Mars 2005 filmed in NY

He plays and relationship Gura/Dating expert who helps men with women.

Jada Pinkett filmed collateral 2004 and the voice Gloria – Madagascar 2005.

Did will Date like never before when Jada Was gone ?
He was Will Smith famous actor sometimes and just will smith sometimes ?
Not everyone in NY knew who he was ?
They didnt know Fresh Prince in Bel Air in NY?
All his other movies was filmed in LA.
In Men in Black he whore glasses all the time in Independence day helmet.
People in NY watched Seinfeld ? Friends ? Ny Rangers ? Bruce WIllis ? Letterman ? in the 90s.
When will got his breakthrough.
And his music was LA Miami.

Is hitch based on Wills life, they created that movie very fast ?
when Jada was gone.

They have left many cluese in that movie also.
Date – Cooking – historical “buildings”

Jada and will probably hanged out with other famous couples and heard about there problems, and will still had
relatives in Philly.

Eva Mendes plays the newsreporter that wants to stop hitch, they date in the movie.

Eva Mendes had just broken up with Ryan Gosling, she had been cheating with an other actress he meet

So she was mad at men.

Another story.

He plays a superhero in Hancock.
He wants to do good but they put to much pressure on him so he sits drinking Corona.

Suicide Squad.

He plays deadshot a “criminal” with great skills with guns.
I think he misses Harley Quinn ( Margot Robbie ) on the chooper on purpose. He knew she could trick people
It ends with Harley Quinn tricking the Monster and Suicide Squad wins.

He always place the good guy


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