it was in a cnn reportage i foudn or read somewhere

that a sample of Usama bin ladins dna was compared to dna of his body ?

did they founf a hair like 5 years befote ?

and saved it it maybe could be Usamas ?

then i knewed that it was fake

if al quida excisted ?

why did the one who found him Wright a book ?

wouldnt like al millions of al quida search for him ?

did they found him on an anonyoumus tips ?


it was filmed when the plane was flying in to the World trade center ?

second plane was live ?

then it should been cnn camera ?

they got the news first ?

do they have an office so they could film the Towers ?

or the camera could been a camera filming birds ?

bec why would cnn have cameras just filming out in nowhere ?

its hard to find where the camera is ?

bec its so many Buildings ?

could in one 5o meters away ?

or one 200 meters away ?

if its 200 meters away ? it must be the highest building ?

but the cameras film a but down up ? or the same hight?

so it should be the nearest ? but maybe from the roof then ?


is there a Company watching birds near ?

hard to find what a Company watching birds is called ?

how do they afford o office on manhattan

its from enemy of the state i found bird wathcers

the cia boss got killed near a like filmed by a  bird watchers camera


birds animals

national geographics ?

do they have an office near World trade center ?

blood diamong ? doesnt he have interwievs with them also ?

or one news papper with war and animals ?

could be them ? it was filmed from there office but it was a cnn camera ?

it Went directly to them ? live and direct !!

or national Explorer?

but that is the same comp ?

one is war ?

one is animals ?

must be them !!



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