We found out that the attacks was not made by the Al Qada after reading an CNN reportage on the internet.

”A sample from Usamas dead body was compared to an old dna sample”

Where did they get that other sample from ?

Why did they keep it ?

If it was Usamas sample from a cave and they got him dead what does that have to do with WTC ?

Did they have computers and fake passport and papers on how they attacked the WTC in that cave ?

The reason that they choosed 2001 was that there was so many big artist Britney Spears Nsync Backstreet Boys Spice Girls
great artist people feel good

They had to stop with artists live from the streets in TRL with Carson Daly.

Could the world trade center attack been planned after world war 2.

The UN was created and the got USA to send troups to Vietnam, but the UN helped
the vietnames so they could win the war.

The had info from corrupt american soldiers and probably some guns better than we think.

They did the same thing here with the neclaces around the soldiers neck they took out the soldiers money.

This time they created colour tv and sold it all over the world.
And they build the world trade center in NY.

Was there a Zurich/Swiss national bank there before, was that how they got that ground ?

Did the Brittish Airways knew that planes could fly faster than they do/did its like they fly 10/km-h.

Could the attack against world trade center been planned by time ?
They didnt knew where al the airports would be nor did they knew about computers and passports controls back then.

Leonardo Di Caprio fights the irish in Gangs of New York.

Could it be when mayor Giuliani cleaned up NY they put al the irish criminals in the towers the floors highest up.
The towers was build with thin wall boards, i thought it was alot more dust than it should be.

It was because they wanted to steal al the paintings and put it in the UN office in NY.

They took out al the money from the dead criminals also ? probably.

On the Liberty Island where the statue of liberty stands there is a museum where al the irish people that first came to NY names are.

Maybe that is how they will find, have found al the irish criminals.

In one of the towers there was a life insurance company could the whole building employes had life insurances?

Ofc they workers there had an life insurance and that money went to there wifes also ofc knowing about this.
Its easy to switch last name and just move after this happened.

The Money went to there wife.

The Shawshank redemption.

Maybe some where not in on this and there russian model they dated got the money instead of there wife ?

Catherine Zeta Jones – The Terminal

There wife didnt know how much Money there husband had.

Probably not many of the workers checked into work that day and the people jumping and the people they meet in the stairways is irish criminals.

Could it been the bars that held the Towers together in floors at the top ?

So probably if you ask a person working next to the towers like in the 7 eleven or someone selling newspappers they would say that not so many people had passed thru there that morning thou many people didnt went to work.

”People dont look what happenes on the other side of the hedge”

I think this was a big insurance fraud.

The Departed – Boston – Mark Wahlberg – Leonardo Di Caprio

One of the planes where going from Boston to NY ?

And it did but it flew much faster than ordinary planes, it flew fast and landed in NY.

And thats the reason planes have been flying so slow its because if the had flew faster people would have reacted on why did the planes fly so slow into the towers.
They had to fly so slow because they came from an NY airport.

Two planes landed fast in NY with Mark Wahlberg and Leonardo Di Caprio flying one each.
Leonardo was a pilot in the Aviator.
Mark Wahlberg was the last survivor in The Departed.

Then they leave the planes go out and round walking thru the airports as leo did in Catch me if you can,
then they fly the empty planes jumping out with parachutes before they hit the towers.

So ofc people on the airports control towers where in on it.

They flew fast and landed in NY because it was to much of a risk of having those two planes up in the air.

The passenger list can just been created by the first Magazine then the others copied.

I Thought it was strange that only one person called the police from the planes.

”They Control the media and the movie industry”

One plane crashed into the Pentagon.
And one crashed outside Philadelphia in the gras.

Probably the pentagon just emptyed the place after knewing what had happened in NY.
And it was not worth shooting it down not knowing where it would crash.

Leonardo has meeting with National Geographics/explorer in Blood Diamond.

The second plane going into the tower was live filmed a bit under and up so that must been filmed from a close by tower
or a window.

Could it been an CNN camera filmed it, but the camera was on paper an National Geographics camera filming birds ?
Enemy of the state the camera filming the killing of the NSA boss was a camera filming birds.

How many started buying National Geographics after world trade center ? prob many.

How many at an Mcdonalds breakfast on the airport al over the USA ?

Nicholas Cage buys guns from the UN in Lord of War and he has worked for fire fighters in California and the paintings from
the towers is probably in the UN office in NY.

Why isnt the 9/11 on How i meet your mother ? could that show been written and the world trade center planned
by Frank Abagnale JR the part Leonardo di Caprio is playing in
Catch me if you can !!