I started searching when in hospital end of 2017 and ive found an article in CNN

“Officials compared the DNA of the person killed at the Abbottabad
compound with the bin Laden “family DNA” to determine that the 9/11
mastermind had in fact been killed, a senior administration official said.”

“It was not clear how many different family members’ samples were compared or whose DNA was used.”

How did they get those other DNA sample´s did they knew who BIN LADINs relatives where ?
How did they find them ?

They have written a book about the killing so my theory is that they killed someone else maybe a relative to Bin Ladin with the same Dna,
he prob had many relatives.

Many people was angry that they killed him with him beeing unarmed.

It was prob not the army men that shoot him that took his DNA sample that was other agents working for CIA.

In season 5 of prison break Michael Scofield works for an secret CIA Group called 21 void and there leader Poseidon.

In the series he is in Yemen trying to get an terrorist called Abu Ramal out from prison.

Paul Kellerman about Poseidon season 05e04

” He is one of those myths you here about in the system he is an operative so untouchable so deep

you couldnt find him with a nuclear sub ”

” If you Think Russia and Iran are having to much influence in the middle east and you dont Think Washington is getting the job done. You free Abu Ramal he is nuts but he fight Iran and Russia for you ”

Could Booth comments be about Usama Bin Ladin ?

He “survived” being thrown in the water so his codename is Poseidon.

In season 5 Scofield has an qoute by Napoleon inscpripted in his skin “never interrupt an enemy when he is making a misstake”
Could it been that Usama was planning to attack USA, CIA found him and told him that they got a bigger plan.

And now i have found out that they where behind the attacks ? never interrupt.

He is alive and it is Al Qada members that help CIA with terror attacks.

I dont think Al Qada knows how to create fake passports, many of them are not allowed to travel because they are on blacklists.

They wanted Usama to confess so that they found someone guilty fast, so maybe less agents got involved and searched for answers.

” if you dont Think Washington is getting the job done”

They need Usama down there to help them with wars.

They “killed” him 2011 because others agencys maybe from france/UK where searching for him and asking questions.

There was alot of info about Al Qada that got lost when the towers crashed, in tower 7 ( third tower) there was secret CIA office.
And that was good for them fewer people to ask fewer people that can tell things.

Leonardo Di Caprio plays a pilot in The Aviator and Frank Abagnale JR in Catch me if you can.
I think Leo flew one of the planes and jumped out with a parachute before it hit the tower landing on a rooftop.
And the part he plays in Catch me if you can, Frank Abagnale JR is apart of the planning of the attacks.
He works for the FBI.
FBI was also involved in the searching and he gave them wrong leads.
In Blood Diamond he has a meeting with national geographics.
The second plane is filmed live why was there a camera there ?
The second plane going into the tower was filmed live a bit under and up so that must been filmed from a close by tower
or a window.
I believe it was from the rooftop of national geographics office and the camera was there to film birds ( enemy of the state )

Mark Wahlberg is the last survivor in The Departed the movie is situated in Boston where two of the planes came from.
He also jumped out with a parachute before it hit the towers landing on a rooftop.

William Peterson famous from CSI and also plays in an old movie The Skulls about a secret society on a college in USA.
They say that that society created the CIA.
I believe that school excists and that he plays a big part there.
Its his brother that is in HIMYM he plays Teds girlfriend Stellas ex husband.
And that William Peterson and Frank Abagnale JR has created HIMYM and left cluese in the series on how to live your life
And that he together with Frank Abagnale JR planned world trade center together with CIA.

If you asked people selling magazines or working 7 eleven close to the towers they could tell that not that many people as normal
checked into work that day.

The people they have caught for doing the attacks wanted to be the ones behind it, and the plane that crashed in philly and into the pentagon
where flewn by al qada members.

It was people that “died” in the attacks that faked there death to go and live on Paradise Island.

The reason that they choosed 2001 was that there was so many big artist Britney Spears Nsync Backstreet Boys Spice Girls
great artist people feel good-

They had to stop with artists live from times square, TRL with Carson Daly.

It was just one call mad to authorities from the planes, that could be fake.

The passenger list can just been created by CNN, many other magazines copied what CNN had find.

I read there is a like a club with the familys of the dead pilots and passengers that can just be fake, people dont look.

  • The airports towers must of been in on it with the planes beeing empty
  • Impossible to know what they knew in the white house, Bush wasnt in Washington.
  • Where the planes Brittish Airways

(Had a theory that it was planned after ww2 by the germans and that CIA took it over)