Every nightclub that begins with this concept hires a person whose job is to fix party planners, every nightclub has a club regular they can hire unless the nightclub manager has time with it him/herself.
He/she contacts the coolest girls / boys in model agencies, universities, restaurants or clothes stores.
Once he / she has fixed party planners his job will be to make sure that they are working on promiting their party and being there every night to see that every thing workes as planned.
On wednesday a gang from joe & the Juice has a party on thursday a gang that workes at HM has a party.
They can be 4 people in every party planner group.

“Everyone has for one time in there life dreamed about being a party planner”

To have theses parties you will have to create a website where the guest go in and vote for the best club.
To enter the parties you will have to buy a ticket from the party planners for 5-10 euros, 5 is to recomend on weekdays
that amount will everybody pay. 
When the guests enteres the parties they will get a business card with a voting nr on and some info where the voting will be.
On the card there will also be a space where the guests can leave notes/ratings on the party to remind themselfs about the
parties if they go to many of the them.
When the last party has ended the guests can go in and vote for the club they thought was the best using the nr they got
on there card, if they have been to more than one party they can vote more than one time.

Lets say you expect about 1000 guest on 4/8 parties you write nr mix them and give them out,
then you dont activate the nr you have left.
So only the people with numbers can wote and no other nr can be used.

If you dont like the idea with voting you can have the club with most guests or the club with the most bar sales will win.

The first weeks the club has open on unusual days, of course, it will be more difficult for then only those guests the party planners fixed will be there but after a while other guest the nightclub regulars and restaurant people will find out that there is parties at weekdays also.
You do not add party planners from the same schools, circles the same week/month.
If you have different party planners every week you will connect to a wider audience.
The party planners from Joe & the Juice dont know the same people as the persons who works at HM.
Possibly many of the guests will be at the nightclub for the first time, if they had a good time they will come back 
at the weekends also.
If you havnt arranged a party before your friends has not been spamed with invites and will come
to your party.
It’s enough for the 4 party planners to fix 50 people each, then maybe the nightclub draws 100 themselves, then it’s closer to 300 people at every party.
Different party planners every week means different music and different guest every week, that will the guests like also.
With this concept you can have 300 guests on wednesday and then 300 completely different guests on thursday.

If your nightclub is in a small city maybe you can not have this concept every month but at least one time every third or sixth month.

The winners will get a price and they will also have a winners party, if the parties has been at a small nightclub you check out the opportunity 
to have the winners party at a bigger party room or a bigger nightclub.
And they will also have the opportunity to have continuous parties at the nightclub.

“Who Wants To Be a Party Planner”

The Moet concept

Example Oslo

Week 1
Wednesday HM clothes

week 2 
Wednesday Joe & the Juice

Week 3
Wednesday Oslo university

Week 4
Wednesday VOLT clothes


Week 5

The winners party will be a few weeks later so the party planners will have the time to promote

The Crystal concept

Example Stockholm

Week 1
Wednesday Joe & the Juice 
Thursday Volt clothes

Week 2 
Wednesday Stockholm university
Thursday Queer night

Week 3
Wednesday HM clothes
Thursday IHM business school

Week 4
Wednesday Sjölins gymnasium
Thursday NK clothes


Week 5
The winners party

The winners party will be a few weeks later so the party planners will have the time to promote.

The Nebuchadnezzar concept

Example London

Week 1
tuesday Joe & the Juice 
wednesday Premier models 
thursday Nightclub regulars

Week 2
tuesday Criminal damage clothes 
wednesday University of london 
thursday The ivy rest

Week 3 
tuesday Harrods 
wednesday Queen mary university 
thursday Bloggers party

Week 4
tuesday winner week 1
wednesday winner week 2
thursday winner week 3

week 5
tuesday axel arigato
wednesday Nightclub regulars
thursday scandinavian party

week 6
tuesday RNB night
wednesday the classy issue
thursday MOVIESTAR party

week 7
tuesday City university 
wednesday Queer night 
thursday Select models

week 8
tuesday winner week 5
wednesday winner week 6
thursday winner week 7

week 9 
tuesday London university
wednesday grabbarna grus party
thursday queen mary university 2

week 10
tuesday samsung staff party
wednesday Nokia staff party
thursday circus scott party

week 11
tuesday bloggers party 2
wednesday sjölins gymnasium
thursday armani clothes

week 12
tuesday winner week 9
wednesday winner week 10
thursday winner week 11

week 13

tuesday winner week 4
wednesday winner week 8
thursday winner week 12



The winners party will be a few weeks later so the party planners will have the time to promote.