Was JFK mad at the UN ? for sending American troups to Europé and Asia !!

Yes he was.

So the UN send former agents working for the UN to Dallas to shoot him.

Why would lee Harvey Oswald shoot him from his own work ? an former Soldier.

He could just had been in another room when the agents shoot him from his work.

He just shoot him and Went down on the streets like nothing happened
shooting a policeman, that wanted to arrest him?

Then he jumped on to a bus to go home ?

Lee Harvey Osvald looked like every average american man that could have been anybody.

What happened to the riffle he shot with ?
and the gun he shot the policemen with ?
Or that was the policemen gun ?

That could have been the agents working for the UN that shot the policeman.

They could easily have found out that there was a former military working in that building, and made it look like
he was the shooter.

Mark Wahlberg – Shooter

The secret service knew that they made a fool of themself and that Lee Harvey Osvald wasnt the shooter.

But they had no other cluese so they find Jack Ruby and force him to shoot Lee Harvey Osvald, they promised him to take care
of all the money he owned gangsters and the guvernment and the nightclub went to his wife and daughter.

He could never have finded out that Lee Harvey Osvald was going to court that day and time, the never leave that information
the newspappers just stood there waiting they didnt have the time ?

The UN was just happy that Lee Harvey Oswald got shoot so they wouldnt be to blame.

Or could this had been planed within the secret service the whole crime ?