the vatican – wars religions

could the film the skulls be based on a true story


they dont create wars and reliogons

they create companies ?

casinos ?

poker ?

online poker ?

Like Insurances ?

ofc they created the golf car you play golf to exercise

but you take the car ?

i need my drink somwhere ?

they created that balls at ranges costed Money ?

but i dont Think they pay for there titleist pro v1 at there course

and not the Corona neither

and as they say in the trailer CIA

if they created CIA did they create the UNA bomber also ?

it was after that CIA was created and maybe FBI ?


Kate Bosworth – jill

from the Movie 21:black jack are in skulls

could the likey created patern ?

mercedes didnt have patern they knew nothing about patern back in the Days mercedes ?

the skulls didnt know anything about cars

but they learned and like created volvo ?

told mercedes you dont have patern ? could be !

it is volvo not mercedes that are the biggest car Company ?

patern is like the smartest ?

i didnt take patern on my juice idea with jj what should i do call 56 countries ?

it should be one patern for every idea?

they told companies that had been around that they dont have patern

back then companies was friendly didnt Think people would fool them ?

when could this have started ?

50s ?

the Facebook Movie is not harvard ?

they had canoes in the skulle trailer and the boys that tricked mark zuckerberg trained in that sport…2.0..0.266.1446.2j6j2……0….1..gws-wiz…….0i71j0i203.df7USGbFOEU

Olympic games lake Placid 1980

i guees usa won the Olympics in canoes?

there is water there

they are handpicked by the principals ? all over USA

but its not all at this school that knows about this they come into the skulls after a while.

they check bank accounts

Everything ?

try to see if they can like turn into “criminals ”

give them some poker see if they are smart and like it ?

give them some russian models se if they can get laid ?

then short short they are smart criminals ?

or smart just ?

dont know

paul Walker is in the skulls

do people Think its like Schumacher that drives the cars ?

no they drive themself in fast and furious !!

yes they have driving licenses !!

why OS in lake Placid ?

look like a Little Town

Ny is to crowded ?

put it in Chicago then ?

they have clubs like Eyes wide shut there ?

and i guess they dont go on medicin for anxiety !!!

he Thinks further

do they teach English in russia ?

but the models know English ?

they watched friends ?

they are handpicked also

learn them English go to NY take Money from businessmen

who teaches them ?

anna kournkikova ?

now or like years ago ?

Before that someone other ?

you dont want businessmen to find you ? so you give them Girls to party with they didnt party that much in

school bec they studied ?

circles circles

OFC something is planted in gossip girl

serena and nate had like an after party drinking moet dancing at the bar chuck saw it

Blair got to knew about it years after

where was that party ? looked like the Hamptons ? it is the hamptons

they have a school Ross school in the Hamptons is ross the principal

he is in friends not as funny ass chandler

then a commander chief in Band of Brothers?

In band band of Brothers the guy from homeland is also

Royal pains a doctor in the Hamptons

Royal pains the dont roayltys

its no bigger diseases in that series its like im hot ? you have feber ?

im lonely ? have a cocktail at the local pub

he just gives them massages !

ofc they have ST Andrews golf course from scottland ofc

they steal the nice things from europe

not like England and take the smart things from usa

and not like spain that copy smart things from usa McDonalds and movies

or its prob englishmen


to old for school

fck shool







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