1970 just after Vietnam !!

it was builded ? was it by an englishmen ?

with Money from the dead americans Soldiers from Vietnam !

the builded color tvs and World trade center with that Money

maybe not on paper ? but an englishmen like did the plans ? no they cant be smart

maybe by an person from austria

some bankers in NY ?

was it a zurich bank international there Before ?

did they build World trade center with Money from dead american Soldiers ?

why is there an westfield World trade center in Greenwich street ? London ?

a shopping mall !!!!!!!!

if World trade center was planned when they started building Airports and sending airplanes in the air

after World war 2

why did they wait to just 2001 ?

high fidelity trailer i just saw the most popular film 2000 and prob whole 2000s

after the nerd bringing up lord of the rings to the top ?

lord of the rings book when was that middle 60s

what happened after high fidelity ? people bought more records ?

no English artists ? spice Girls had quit !!!!!

no Elton John

Robbie Williams ?

but how could World trade center change the Music industry ?

Carson daly trl ended Before spotify started 08

but maybe after World trade center they didnt dare to have the artist outside togehter with thousands people watching them live and on the big screen tvs ?

they just had the artists in the studio with less crowd ?

britney Spears 20 01 ?

Aguilera 20

nsync 20

Backstreet boys where in there prime

do Warner Music own spotify ? they give the songs for free ? or they give them on paper but they like just move around there own money

who gets affected yes there artists the people dont like have a fan anymore they listen to spotify 50 ?

instead of listening to a band or singel artist


like mj “died” 09 if he realesed a new album and kids liked it it would be hard for them to buy all cds?

but they could listen to all his Music on sporify ?

same with Whitney ?

do they like give clues to people in Movies to like let them Think about that ?

after matrix people started to hack to look for cluese ?

after World trade center they started to look after who planned it ?

after lord of the rings people started to search what that was about ?

why didnt they release it earlier ?

i have seen great films from like the 70s with the oldest Douglas its like big war scenes with over 1000 people

lord of the rings could have been released much much earlier !

high fidelity made people listen to other artists then the most famous ? so people started to buy more cds !!


was the people working in World trade center at there richest 2001 ? so they got the most Money back after “died” and there families got there back on Life Insurance and then they gave it away ? tax free

the shawshank redemption ?

but what i dont understan Life Insurance dont the wife gets the Money anyway ?

if they not was married the Money goes to the parents ?

Think Think thin Think further further further

the English is stupid ? how could they have planned this ? they only know how to destroy ? and make black

drinks ?

the one that planned this was smart in the 50s ?

and they have made other English dumb ? so people wouldnt look at the English ?


NY is the biggest russian city outside NY what

did the workers in World trade center date russian models ?

it must have been 10 000 workers in World trade center ofc ofc ofc they wherent in on this to go on an paradise Island the are at the highest in there career or ?

maybe maybe the Company that have the lifeinsurance ? got all the Money ?

maybe maybe the wifes knew there men where rich ? but not how rich ? they got some Money but not al ?

could the russians be smart ? they have some Money ? where they the first to make Money on oil that they didnt have   ?

was there a Life ins comp in World trade center ?


what is like Life Insurance ? you just say that you have 10 million and when i die you can just give them to my wife ?

but the Money is on his account ?

he cant pay 10 million to them ? then he dont have any Money to live on ?

so prob then it must be banks that have Life Insurances ?

they just go in and take them ?


they had american wifes and russian model dates when partying ?

the russian models got the most ? there wife some ?

did someone at the Life Insurance comp logged in that they where there ?

i have seen that that just banks can go in and take Money from people !!

what goes around comes around !!

over and out !!










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