black and White black and white

South africa ?

library ?

do people read bocks in South africa

dont Think so then they would know that africa is poor people is was on the run from people with guns !!

why is he White ?

dont know did they paint him

he was black but he started to inspire black people to much

so they made him dark in mind White in colour !?!?

ofc he is a good person or ?

good Music good people

they hide him ?

he is not dead ?

hidding from me ?

some other authorities

saved him

no what ?

hospitals are bad ?

the Concert was a way to get cds and posters back in the World ?

hahah they tricked the English Securitas idiots

they had audience while they practiced

its fck mj he doesnt need to practice for month to perform

its in his blood

why didnt he travel to the closest hospital first ?

you call an ambulance a car from the closest hosptial should come

the songs to good for bob geldorf dark mind ?

they recorded it hiding ?

thats why they are in a studio filming the video?

if mj and lionel wanted to go to africa they Went to same Town akon orah also ?

they had like a school and a big nice house owned by the community

and a black man with long dress talking like he was the Mayor !

they forced it into the radios they couldnt stop it it was to good ?

if you see the galas the song isnt playing ?

why hasnt any blacks won american idol ?

who is he ? is he like the only good English person ever ? or no he cant be English to good looking

but he started the show in England ?

Woodstock ?

doesnt look like an arena ?

isnt Philadelphia Cold  ?

“people Thinks people smiles englishmen hates”

could like tigers father be a copy of MJ father ? they saw how MJ father was so they forced tigers father to be the same ?

tiger didnt want to have sponsors ?




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