Could southampton be the English Hamptons !

they “work” in London live in southampton the first harbour Town in UK it was from there the Titanic Went after Cherbourg ?

they have a train station called World trade center tjo tjo

they have ralph lauren lacoste brans stores

they have hilton hotels

they have a brat tennis club

as in the Movie match Point with Scarlett johansson

that Movie is like american psycho ?

some enigma ?

what is happening ?

10 000 sings along like on commando ? the pianist doesnt even play !!

yes i dont Think they travel with like fast trains from sweden ? ofc they travel with some old trains from southampton to London !!

the famous online shopping ballerina kex =) we ship to uk from gbg harbour tjo tjo

gaslarmet goes on

tjo tjo

ofc he is the doctor there giving them massages and wipe there noses

its not hard to be a doctor ?

you are hot ? feber ?

Peter Gallagher from The OC ofc live there he is the good = from NY = irish ?

how many started to listen to Queen ? how many English watched bohemina rhapsody ?

how many knewed about them Before this mashup from 2017

“could” Scarlett johansson live there ?



do ralp lauren in USA know that the Money in Norway and sweden isn the same ?

swedes by shirts for 600 ? sell them for 1500 ?

norwegian sell them for 2000 and buy them for same ?

but is that polos problem ?





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