Enrique Iglesias don know how to sing ?

he has a voice over or what its called ?

the mic transform the voice so it like looks like a robot !!

he has beatiful ladies in his video ?

anna Kournikova

Jennifer love Hewitt

they prob like gangsters  ? dont know

what has happened to love Hewitt dont know ?

then prob his father julio Iglesias couldnt sing either !!

he was like first with a guy from Italia ?

it was no one to compare with !!

could julio be a gangster ?

he has o police force ?

he is franco ?

he was gangster ? had gangster ?

become singer ?

got big Power in spain created a police

got “them” to work for him

Guardia civil Francos army ?

dont know what they do ?

maybe some drive cabs ?

some just sits in there police car ?

dont know

they let English take over there nc so dont know what they do actually?

maybe English do drugs more than people Think ?

george best ?

paul casgoine ?

they are drunk so the need more more ?

its not like even drugs just powder !

people like the owners take drugs bec that what nc people do im good at what i do yes i do drugs

and the others do it because be up in heaven and be like paul gascgoine

dont know !


1+1 Guardia civil maybe dont sell from there cars but they are the ones that puts dealers on the streets

and ofc people that sells watches and sunglasses

why are they still there ?

isnt it better people buy stuff from the stores  ?

hunter !!


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