there is a Movie like that about kids fooiling around !!

but yonger than them !


prank ? Went wrong







fångvaktare = shawshank ?

gangsters släkt ?

dom hämnas då måste dom blivit ditsatta ?

blir det rättegång när man gör ett ungdoms brott eller direkt till finkan ?

dom hämnas på personalen i finkan

dom var irländare dom två gangstersen som brad pitt löste ut ? och Jason Patric ?

they where just pissed after years in jail


he walks on wrong side ?


brad pitt var på ungdomsfängelset nu är han försvarsadvokat för dom som han själv som han satt inne med ?

fast vakterna vet inte att det är han ?

så därför har han alla svaren själv ? lättare för han ?

dom åklagar vakterna ?

han gjorde provet bara ?

några hotar vakterna på gatan ?

brad pitt i rätten ?

dom väntade några år 10 så vakterna inte skulle känna igen dom ?

dom väntar 10 år så vakterna inte kommer ihåg vilka dom var ?

dom är fittor emot alla

have i heard

för dom ville inte ha folk efter sig ?

dom som filmen handlar om kommer fram till kevin bacon do you recognize us ?

dom blir stressade ?

gör något fel ?

bevakade ?

eller det handlar inte om finkan från början det handlar om

en skjuting ? dom två skjuter någon ?

men allt frias ?

o vakter åker dit för ungdomsfängelset och denna skjutingen ?


robert de niro is a catholic priest from ireland ?

but chritian boys go to him not knowing its a catholic Church ?

they Thinks its a christian ?

they tell

and de niro tells someone ?


dustin hoffman rainman ? same person ?

he just plays a bit retarded ?


its like you get 10 years for a prank gone wrong ?

and like nothing for economics crime

they got 2 years ?


what do they do at al irish consulate ?

they go there get a mission ?

what do a consulate do ?

fix passports ?

to lost Tourists ?

they arent oppened that much

they are prob bartenders in Ny all irish ?

and travel home with a motorbike ?

they work at every bar jumping around ?

dont know

so they have a reason to talk to new persons


is it war in Belfast ?

or you just Think so no one will go there ?

why would they fight in the UK

ofc they have an hilton hotel in belfast


could it be Place for like gangster in the usa and hells angels and bandidos ?

go there we have a “meeting” lets tell all the news papers that its a big meeting there

and all police escape and people stay inside ?


but they just like talk and swim and drink beer ?

could bandidos and hells angels be like united

or else there shoul be fights al the time ?


are al the gangs in cali hells angels / bandidos ?

sons of anacrhy also



its there they go to get more guns ?

from the UN

“used” in africa to fight tribes ?

they travel with boats home ?

like cargos ?

with what

i dont Think like the harbour police check every cargo ?

they can been payd ?

the irish armys use motorbickes to travel ?

so when gangs come to meet ? and hide or what ever ?

the Citizens Think its the army ?

sometimes they do a salute ? and people get scared and thinsk its war ?


so what do hells angels do with guns ? and the bandidos ?

who do they fight ?

is it so easy

sons of anarchy ?

the latinos ?

mexicans ?

in europé they just sell drugs ?

raising the prices ?

they work together ?

they sell bad ?

but gets Money ?

he goes to them ?

buys better for more Money ?

mr lord of war has prob been in Belfast ?

Think they are in the moive ?

or they are in South america and russia ?

and belfast

dont know !




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