I have gone thru the website and here comes the best of the things i havnt written on the Instagram !

I have written alot of strange things haha but somedays i was really mad and didnt Think clear !

I reallly was drugged i sometimes left an pub walked for a few minutes then i woke up 500 meters away.

But that didnt scare or stop me.

I sometimes had trouble finding myself back to the hotel, but i Always did thous i was drugged.


I wrote about bacardi breezers.

I believe hotel at holiday destination with alot of young people can make more money buy selling door to door.

The can let the cleaner sell small bags of chips the teenagers are hungover everyone would buy

0,50 euro people have alot of coins.

And buy the pool area they should people going around with a box like theY have oN sport events and sell smirnoff ice bacardi breezers and

ice cream, that they can do door to door also.

there is money to make.

I wrote some about the weather.

What is it to find, my only theory is that in citys like gothenburg that has refinerys,

the smoke they let out becomes rain clouds and they block the snow clouds so the snow becomes rain.

just a strange theory dont know much about weather and wind

they dont want us to feelgood

I tried to get to Swedish Swedbank.

Before i left in April last year, i tried to do a apartment loan.

I was going to do a loan and then leave Gothenburg and never come back, leaving the debt to my family
or if i never came back to sweden i wouldnt care that i owned them money.

my plan was to slowly empty my account so that i after a year or so wouldnt have any left to the month fee.

I hadnt thought about it then but i could only had created a new account abroad and moved the money.
I prob would have come up with that.

But swedbank changed the rules suddenly i had to show which apartment i was going to buy that they hadnt told me before.
Doing a loan is easy today, they are happy to earn some money.

But i had a plan around that i was going to create an apartment and put it out on swedish “hemnet” ( a place where you find  apartments )
with a fake Photos, adress using an fake email and name
but i couldnt come out on the site.
The next day i left.

I know swedbank are after me on my trip i tried to use ass much cash as i could so they couldnt see my withdraws and see where i was.

On Swedbank i think you are allowed to take out 1500 euro every week one week they created an withdraw on a Spanish bank
i know i didnt make that withdraw they didnt want me to take out more money.

I was robbed at a stripclub when i was busy watching boobs a person came in and just gave me a card machine, i bought champagne i didnt
drink for 2000 euro, he knew exactly how much money i had.

But i survived on taking sms loans and using my company ( that got empty )card.

I had a theory that nuclear weapons where created by Russia USA and North Korea to somehow make stability in the world

They all came out with that they had it about same time.

Who do you get to create such a fluid that kills millions of people ?

How do they protect themself from it while creating it do really a protective clothes work on such a dangerous fluid.

In Sweden most of the pharmacys are closed on Sundays its on Sundays girls need the day after pills.

That create stress to young girls.

Are people less sick on sundays.

They dont want us to feelgood.

Before i found paradise island i wrote that they war about buying currencies, but maybe i would take to long for the currencie to come
back after a war.

That the UN puts soldiers in some countries so that they would have a reason to be mad and attack countries, that the UN is one of the biggest criminals.
Do the paintings that got lost on world trade center hang in The UN office in NY, wasnt that a sign that someone else than Usama Bin ladin and the pilots
was behind world trade center with them paintings dissapearing.

That Nelson Mandela was just a spokesman and that he had found out that the UN was crap and thats why he ended up at Robben Island.

Maybe the same with Olof Palme.

I wrote that murder doesnt exist how sick is it to kill a person.

OFC murder exists but i do believe than many are created in magazines so that people will read and feel bad.

They dont want us to feelgood.

I had a fun idea for a movie.


If you wanted to cockblock someone as a prank or you wanted to make sure no one made a move on your girlfriend when she was going
out you contact cockblocker.com and they will help you haha.

I thought about Rush Hour when Chris Tucker goes up and sing Michael Jackson at the chinese karaoke bar.
That the cockblockers to stuff like that to cockblock people hiting on your girlfriend haha

I think i e-mail my idea to Owen Wilson movie comp =)

That the bussinesmen in Dragons Den in The UK steals some of the persons ideas and start them outside the UK.

That Will Smith really thinks about which parts he takes he always plays a good part.

In hancock he plays a lacy superhero but i just believed people put to much pressure on him so he sits and drink Corona instead.

In suicide squad he plays an killer “cleanshot” how does the movie end in my meaning he miss Harley Quinn on the helicopter on purpose and Harley Quinn manipulats
the monster and they win.

Already 27/4 i thought that whe world trade center was an insurance fraud that somepeople hadnt checked into work that day.

I thought it was strange that the oceans are so filthy and filled with garbage, how many owns a boat in the world.

That the actors in Game Of Thrones make to much money Emilia Clarke came from like had made 2 small movies and suddenly earned alot alot of money.
She could prob had done it for half of the money.

Could many of the actors in the series be people from paradise island.

That they dont have teached out computer skills in afghanistan so i dont believe they know how to make fake passports.
How do they do with computers up in those caves ?

But i do Believe that people sometimes just use a relatives passport, the people at the Airports dont

check the photos so well.

Are they really there do people grow up and end up living there life only to think about doing terror attacks.

.I thought NSA was people from securitas and that they where behind al the pandemics in china and they where the ones that rigged the bombs in thailand
on the Tsunami, if my theory is right that that was a terrorist attack.

One driving school owns 10 schools on 7 of them they fill the times and on the other 3 they raise the prise !!


Swedish comp Trivec works with cash registers, that they are criminals.
They help nightclubs to take out black money.

THey had changed the system so when the entrance is 100 swedish kr.

50 goes into the system and 50 is over the amount.

So they nightclub gets 50 kr in black money.

And it says 100 on the receipt.

I really wanted to find stuff on companies haha.

I had a nice idé for HM that i havnt written, i e-mailed it to a friend working on HM but he didnt answer.

It was about that the staff when they travelled they took pictures and then they had a competion the best photos with text about the photo,

The best photos got printed on T Shirts that they then sell at HM.

The one that sold the most that person won a nice price.

It is always the same 4 drivers that wins on Formula 1 i had a theory that the big betting is on who comes 5-10 !!

Do kids read about Paul Potts and Marck Zuckerberg in School i dont think so.

That many airports dont have toilets in the area before you have checked in so that people not can throw the drugs they had forgott
they had on them.

Do they have a warmer paradise in fake prison in Paname ( prison break season 3 )

That the money to actors in movies raised alot after lord of the rings.
They raised the movie tickets to get those money back.
The actors buys so much cars and houses with the money so like the american treasury get there money in much faster,
and they can raise the taxes because of that.
I thought about Shia Leboeuf and transformers it was his first big movie that he made to much money on it.

They made Heath Ledger loose it on purpose he drank vodka on the Victoria Secret and lost it in the end,
They wanted kids to see that so they started doing drugs.
Drugs sms loans anxiety medicin suicides there family becomes sad and take more medicin.

Already last may i wrote about Carson Daly and TRL they wanted people to stop watching music videos and buy smartphones and listen to spotify instead.

Maybe there should be one more valentines day where the girls asks they boys out.

If my theory about Bourne and Oceans eleven are right maybe that what its about that Some people at CIA was behind 9/11 and they handled the case.

I believed Tiger Woods had had to much pressure his whole life and that was why he lost it and crashed his car and cheated on his wife, he wanted to meat normal girls
working cafe´s.

What do politicians do the year its not election i had a theory they go to North Korea but that i dont believe now.

Before there where always people selling cold drinks on the beaches in spain that is now gone, they made it illegal to sell on the beaches so that
people would leave the beach, no wtf so corrupt can it not be.

Another sick theory was that the chinese wall was builded so that people not could come to the ocean.

I had a theory that there is something going on at Augusta golf course, missing girls working no but dont think so golf
is the most beatiful sport.

Did i find some people in st ann jamaica the place where Bob Marley grow up
Iron Lion Zion.

.They created the movie The Rock so that they guvernment had to do bigger checks on the people that searched to the army so no one like took any planes
and attacked citizens.
They had to spend more money.
Dont know with what purpose.

I couldnt find any place in Spain that sold postcards, have that dissapeared ? maybe it did years ago.
Such a nice thing.
People watch instagram instead and get the feeling to travel ?

The hotels in Spain took some euros in taxes to the state when you booked that you paid after you had paid for the room, dont know if it was the same when
you had booked online but i thought that was strange it was like it was illegal black money.
Everyone has cash on there vacation.

How much money is there in Ping Pong in china, the fee goes to the clubs ?
i dont know how it works.

That Curt Cobain is hidden in that Nightclub in New Jersey that Jack Ruby owned.
Writting music together for Adele.

That Paul Walker lives on a secret location in Florida an old film studio where they filmed the old flipper series.
Seems strange he would be at paradise island.
That they by now should have created cars that dont explode when they crash.

I didnt believe there is 10 million living in Sweden that people had moved back to balkan when the war ended.
That they wants people to believe there is 10 million living in Sweden so that when people are sick and dont have a job you somehow get less
money from the state.
Dont know if i believe that but we dont have so many big citys in Sweden.

Winterfellinc.com are the most corrupt building comp they rebuild thailand after the tsunami i when i searched winterfellinc thailand on google nothing came up.
they build on paradise island and they build the secret city in the prison in panama.

I found it watching the company soluno.
They had jon.snow@winterfellinc.com to show there emails.
As an example.

Can soluno also be like criminals.

Apple removes the burning cd function about 2010
Spotify starts 2010
smartphone 2008
Wouldnt they want people to buy music on ITUNES and then burn them out and listen to them on a cd player.
They must own like som procent of spotify, i believe so.
Could it be something there.

That it is movie directors like Spielberg that are behind the big opening ceremonys like the olympics they are hard to create.
But why wouldnt they go out with that.
Im wrong.

While filming Lost they searched for Marijuana, the main actors where in every episode but 3 and it was on there day off they searched.
That he has created medical marijuana.
He is very rich and he plays a doctor in Lost.

I didnt have good thought about the english people,
That the english series amazing race was fake to make the english people look a bit smarter haha.
And that they started to write in the UK years after the rest of the world and thats why they always have been a bit behind the rest of the world.

The english guvernment wants the people to be stupid.

That Robin Williams are behind the dancing in the youtube clip “dancing teacher”. that he faked his death to do good and find answers.
And that he is somewhere in china.
The bench in Good will hunting have no back and thats how benches are in china because chinese are short so they can not lean back.

When i searched on hotels in Gothenburg the first i found was the hotel on Landvetter airport.
They want people to take cab into the city and use more money.

They dont want us to feelgood.

I found something maybe nothing that they really love star wars and sci fi in the UK that kids read about star wars in school
The guvernment dont want the people to be smart.
The UK is the most corrupt country.
I found some books they read in the UK and it was al about like owning the world you are the worlds greatest they like live up in the sky
but they are all stupid.
All the men can do is be mechanics and security guards.
I found a short novel of lord of the rings that had got alot of awards, its that Short novel the english read to feel smart.

That reuters have an office in Moscow next to Putin.
They hide there.

That some war escalate because Reuters give out fake pics news to the newspappers.

In coyntries with alot of coins that people become brooker its not like they bring all there coins every time they go out to buy food,
so slowly they get more and more coins the coins are every where in there apartment and they slowly get brooker.
That Hard Rock Cafe noticed that people tipped more in countries with alot of coins and they together with the UN maybe,

created so that in many countries there is to many coins.

I found a t-shirt brand called sion/zion clothes.
They sell goofy funny t shirts on holiday destinations.
That can be a really big business.
I believed the island people was behind that brand.


could they all be in the hospital family they look like they are in 7th heaven.
I believe the hospitals are like an sect especially in the UK.

That Philip Morris owns the Nicotin gums also.

That they paid for the eiffel tower first after like 10 years when they had earned the money.

And they where going the same with the Titanic.

Sounds strange.

In Miami Vice the movie you see Colin Farrel just taking the boat over to Cuba i thought that was strange, could it be something there.

I thought it was something with Michael Schumacher that he is the boss of something and that he isnt wasnt in a coma.
He was just hidden at a hospital and no one are is was allowed to see him.
And that is why i have his name in the Anagram text.

I think its strange that we in Sweden kill our mooses when German tourists come to see them.
I found a little town where the Germans come to maybe that tourism is bigger than we in Sweden believe.

That the old works as secretarys and the young works at amusement parks before they become models and secretarys ( beverly hills cop ).

I thought Christina Aguilera is older than people thinks she wanted to trick the Music bosses to believe she was young and stupid.
And that was genie in a bottle is about that she is smarter and just waiting to come out and trick them for money.

Blurry songs !!
Blur – song 2
The white stripes – 7 nation army
the hives – idiot walk
the sounds – living in america
mando dioa – dance with somebody
the killers – somebody told me
T.A.T.U – all the things she said lesbians from russia

That you become crazy in your head by listening to them that they where created to make people sick.
Created by the UK guvernment
They sound really bad those songs.
Bad quality.


(Bangkok Tokyo)

(maybe kuala lumpur)

Are the citys i believe there is alot of partying more than it should.
Guvernment personal rich people like bank owners and hotel owners and other maybe famous people.
They buy alot of moet.
Maybe there are hidden nightclubs in basements with a secret password.
They have special weekends they visit that city.

That english soldiers where in Germany and the germans where in London so the citiziens couldnt ask any questions
sounds strange when they wasnt on the same side
I believe i thoughts so watching the v for vendetta trailer.

I believed banksy was skip from lords of dogtown and that he is like the Dalai Lama.
When one gets to old another takes over !!!

That you shouldnt smoke while eating medicin against parkinson
it becomes to much relaxing and you get sicker

That michael johnson the runner was setup that the substance he had in his astma medicin wasnt illegal when he started to use it.
It become illegal but he didnt change his astma medicin they forgot to check.

American Psycho. Phil collins sussudio.

Sussudio is harika bir şarkı in turkish

that that could be an password somewhere !!

Had a theory that there was a connection between Bond and the election in the UK the actors is in 4 movies about 8-12 years
and its there party that wins/runs those year haha

that sweden where in on the war so they knew that they wasnt going to be attacked so the soldiers in sweden helped Ikea cutting trees and building furniture.
!! cant be true

People have to much clothes while skiing, the bodytempetarue goes up when you sweet and thats why you get fever, maybe not a new theory.

Is there a connection beetwen fotballers making so much money, they want them to spend it on houses and cars so the treasury gets bigger
and they can take more taxes.
It started with Roman bying chelsea and the fotballer Samuel Etoo teams paid to much money for him after that it al escalated.
Its the same as with movie stars. !!

That there is something hidden at mount rushmore, money i wrote the banks money. but there is no cash in the world so would be strange.

would be cool thou.

That google created the energy drink Tantrum after it was in HIMYM haha they saw how many that googled on it.

That you shouldnt trust Enrique And Julio Iglesias they could be working with guardia civil.
That Julio Iglesias is like the boss.
Enrigue has Jennifer Love Hewitt and Anna Kournikova in his video for Hero.
Those are 2 of the girls that i think like help the models to seduce and steal.

That there is crime in small towns in USA that it dont writes about in the big magazines !!
THat it had something to do with blacklist, aint he chasing criminals in small towns in the series.

That the vatican has followed stalked people since the beginnig.

And thats what the Pictures of the the pope djing is about, they have people everywhere.
That they have something hidden at Brooks library in Ohio, a place where there live alot of Italians.

And that many italians in USA are criminals working for the vatican.

In the army and working as papparazzis and they sell cars.


I still have some Reading to do about wars and apple.


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