First cut

It is not Greenland that controls the election

I was thinking about a secret manhattan club before

Wall street

Michael douglas

Shia Lebouf

Is he taking over

Inside man


150 nassau street

The American Tract Society Building

movie locations

Cigar shop


Catherine zeta jones

Melania trump Friends ?

She is not the mother to ivanka trump

But she isnt born 1970

She is born about 1980 you think she has botox but no she is much younger

She knew she was going to be president one day

She is a spy


They raised the movie tickets when lord of the rings came from 10 dollars to 15

the actors saw that so they said they want more money also

The people get brooker

The actors buy cars and houses USA get richer on taxes

Shia Lebouf got to much money for transformers he is not in that movie that much

You do not write on the ballot where you from

So they dont know how many for example black voters they have

So they put focus on wrong place

So they control it

there is an pre election before the real election

there they can se how many for example blackl voer they have

but you dont write where you from


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