Hitch premier 2005

Will Smith had just broke up with Tyra Banks.

They had the same background poor to rich.

He learned alot of women from her she had date:ad alot of men.

He teaches unsure men about women in Hitch.

Eva Mendes is a newspapper reporter that is mad at boys
she had just had broke up with Ryan Gosling.

Was he unfaithful ?

Hitch teaches Kevin James how to catch the rich women he was in love with.

Could he got tired directly after they got together.

They went to museums like rich women do.

That was not for him he was more sport and hot dogs

Could he worked at a betting company or at a magazine writting about sport,
there is a man in Islanders jersey in the trailer.

He becomes security guard in Mall copp 2009 there he chases normal girls again.

He misses the rush from betting.

But tries to have fun at work.

During the brakes he sleept and dreamed he was a security guard at the museum he went on

It was those thoughts he had when he was on the museums with the women that the animals came

Its that A night at the museum it is his dreams.


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