89 nintendo
people are inside instead of beeing out playing fotboll and chasing girls
internet 93-94
people are inside instead of beeing out playing fotball and and playing hide and seek
are you more inside you dont have as much fun
feeling worse and more medicin
facebook 2007 people are running home to check there facebook instead of beeing out playing
2010 apple came up with spotify and then they finally could release the smartphone
smartphones has been there for decades
but no one hade came up with the idea for spotify yet
they came up with the idea that they could by stuff on the phone also
instagram 2010 with there smartphones they where more outside shopping and taking photos in different places
about 2012 sms loan people loans money for intrence and buy sponatinous stuff in there stores
more sms loans more anxiety more medicin
is sms loan one of most comment reasons for anxiety
promise the medicin for anxiety has raised after sms loans got relases

why did people stop changing hockey cards ? such a nice thing ¨people played computer games instead of changing cards
and playing fotboll people who plays sports dont have much anxiety as people who is home playing computer games

hockey cards kids had gretzky forsberg as favourites
what have kids for favourites now ? kardashian kylie jenner ? what have they done ?
is it little school kids dreaming about fucking kanye west and become famous
isnt it better to have sports persons and singers ass favourites ?

they do everything they can to stop popular things !!

shouldnt all school work be done in school
first school 8 -4 then home studing for three hours
that aint right
more study more anxiety more medicin
less school more sports
and chasing girls

wouldnt it be nicer with more snow than more rain
the snow clouds is high up it needs to be minus deegres for it to snow high up in they sky where the clouds are it is minus 2010

i think the oil refinery sends smoke they are sending out is creating hot cloudes that fills the sky
so when the snow clouds start snowing
the clouds from the refinery change the snow to rain
those days we have snow it aint any hot clouds from the refinery
more rain more anxiety more medicin
more snow in little cities with now oil refinerys
the smoke from the cars also join the oil clouds
less cars in denmark more snow =)
snow clouds rain clouds oil cloud
maybe without the oil clouds we could have snow on the ground on 3 degrees
what about the children

could even the water in sweden be hotter than it is ??!?!
people in sweden is just to bath in spain 25 celsiusin the water.
so when we com to sweden we need at least 20 celsius to even try, bet the temperature meeter is
fixed so when its actually is 20 its says 15 on the scale.
thats why older people can bath in colder water they are more just to it.
Can even the degree in the air be fixxed ??



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