World war one didnt happened its like summons up all the wars

World war 2 was created by englishmen germans and swedes

some germans was in france fighting some frensch and americans

french and americans got killed

germans was in UK

watching the englishmen making them scared

English was in germany making them scared

and swedes was in sweden “defending”

but the cut Threes the soldiers

so that ikea could build furniture when they opened 1943-1945

they didnt cut down like rainforest

sweden is like 80 procent forrest

they also build like rails to svenska järnvägen SJ

maybe the germans and English did the same

English in germany ?

and germans in UK

Ikea expended fast to germany and England after sweden.


the Titanic was prob just Before World war 2

they got away to paradise island

rich people and actors ?

dont know but maybe french ? some americans ?

dont know

Titanic was build with loaned Money they were paying back after like 20 years

like the eiffel tower

there is no Titanic on the bottom?

its dark and White easier to fake

they Control the Magazines

people started to read about Titanic later later

and more and more after wikiepida realesed after Braveheart and the patriot !

many coins many millions

many autogiro dragningar many millions!

lences cost like 400 a month ?

i wear mine for months !!




southampton but where in america ?

doesnt say on wikipedia ?


Cherbourg is french paradise casinos

and southampton is English like the Hamptons !


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