Diana/MJ/Fly emirates

Harrods in London the building is from 1849 but i think harrods was created round 1990.

Fly emirates first flight is from Dubai to London about same time full with people born in United Arab Emirates.
There is over 50 000 United Arab emirates living in the UK.
Working at hotels and at harrods.

There is an Fly Emirates office at the airport Gatwick.

They got into harrods thanks to the hospital sect they own the property.
The sect gets clothes for free.

Dodi Fayed princess Diana lover everyones has thought it that he has something to do with Fly emirates.
Fly emirates is from Dubai he is from Egypt.

There is around 50 000 arabs living in egypt why ?
He lived there and got a citizienship there also.

Dodi Fayed and Diana died in a carcrash in Paris 31 august 1997.
It was just them two and the driver Henri Paul who allegedly was hungover.
Did he go out in Paris ? He was allegedly on medicin.
They had no security following them.

It was no cameras that captured Dianas car in Paris and it is said that the car crashed because Henri Paul
had drived to fast because they where followed by papparazzi ?

The tunnel must been blocked by all the cars ? it stood still ?
So the papparazzis must had been able to taken pictues ?
But the only pictures is from the police.

I think every car in the tunnel where people working for fly emirates.
The people who saw the cameras and know no camera spotted the car must of seen that they where followed by nearly 100 cars?
Or the cars entered the tunnel just before?
No they should of seen that.
Did they controll the red lights?

They couldnt know if other cars was to be in Paris that morning so it was many cars following them.
They had to block the tunnel so no one could come to the crash site they couldnt know
where all the police in Paris was to be.

People dont know that it only lives 1 million people in Paris.
it shouldnt been that many cars a sunday morning?
But they had to block the tunnel.

There is an english reporter outside the tunnel taking about the crash an english based in Paris,
when she had gotten there / talks the traffic is back on again.
And every car/fly emirates had moved away.

How did they know it was Diana that had crashed ? did someone call the police from the tunnel ?

Ofc someone called the police it was fly emirates in the cars but the people didnt know that
so someone had to call.
The fake ambulance got there first they took the wrong way in, the police tried the other way ?
When they got there the body was on its way to the “hospital”

“it doesnt matter who it is we must try and save there lifes”
They couldnt wait for the police.

The ambulance/fake ofc
No one knew which hosptital they took her to.

It was the hospital that released that Diana was there and dead.

Then they send a fake body to England.

The pictures from the tunnel is from the police released 20 years later, there is no picture of the dead body
because she wasnt there, the body was on its way to the “hospital”

Could the crashed car been placed there ? they got it there with a big truck ?

They dont check blood samples when they know who the dead person is.

She died and they flew here with a fly emirates plane to Chicago where she have worked on a prison hospital
( Prison Break )

Diana was a good singer there is picture of her and Michael Jackson from Dubai.
Did they have interest in eachother
Where they to perform together ?
Heal the world.

Michael Jackson died of to much drugs/medicin 2008,
Where his doctor from United Arab Emirates.
Why did they not take him to the nearest hospital first they took him to one and then flew him with
an helicopter to the nearest and did the autopsy there.

He didnt die and they flew him with and fly emirates from LA to Johannesburg there is an fly emirates office there also
Johannesburg/South Africa – Black and White – Apartheid.
Has he performed there ?
Can he be found at an library.

There is a direct fly emirates flight from Dubai to Johannesburg.

His last tour should of been in London this is it.
How much did the ticket cost ?

People didnt return them they wanted to keep as a memory they probably sold fake ones on the internet also.

In the documentary this is it you see people watching i wrote they tricked everyone and that was the show.
It was probably Michael that had gotten some people in.

He was away for many years after rumours of him and little boys.
The hospital sect wanted him away – his music was nightclub music and made people happy.
And Dubai wanted to use him for his money and they wanted house to take over.

Have fly emirates stolen money business ideas from people in London ?
English steal from Americans and Fly emirates steal from them and english,
and with that money they have built Dubai.

House music is from Chicago.
You get many hits if you search Dubai/chicago.
And there is an fly emirates office in Chicago also.
And a direct flight between Dubai and Chicago.

Have there been nightclubs with house music in Dubai since the 80s ?
Disco died when studio 54 closed.
I think it is said that house music is from 1986 the years studio 54 closed.

Did Diana Ross and others go to Dubai, house music is from Disco.

The 90s was happy music Westlife eurodisco home parties ?
People was happy and that didnt the hospital sect like.
Those bands dissapeared.

The cool that wanted to go to nightclubs went to Dubai.

After the 90s it was more soft music pop even more people that wanted to party went to Dubai.
Call on me 2006 house music got bigger and the nightclub industry, less people went to Dubai maybe.

“house music they couldnt stop”

Sony Music UK established in Uk 1991 can that be fly emirates they own the beatles music.
Mj bought it from the other sony company.
Fly emirates owned him they owned the music.
It is well known that MJ was controlled by people and that was fly emirates.
They didnt want the music to be released eather they want people to party also but only in Dubai.
And the first sony comp didnt want it to be released eather because they wanted people to forget about

The hospital sect didnt want to release the beatles music either because then people would of learned an instrument
It is music they are scared of.

Calum Best one of UKs coolest also works in Dubai taking people from London.

There is pictures of Giovanni Ribisi ( the avatar country ) from Dubai and there is an fly emirates office and
and direct flight from Buffalo to Dubai.

Buffalo is close to the Niagara Falls where the Avatar country is situated.

The people that knows about the secret places avatar country secret zoo and maybe the NFL league in bangkok
is people from Dubai !!
And they bet on Formula 1.


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