Was he mad at the europeans ? for sending trouops to europé and asia !!

Yes he was.

The un send former agents to dallas and shot him.

Why would lee Harvey Oswald shot him from his work ? an former Soldier ?

he just shot him and Went down on the steets ?

shooting a policeman ? that wanted to get him ?

how could the policemen got lee Harvey osvlad signalement so fast ?

JFK got shot ? and the secret service just ran there ? and saw that he was gone and send out signalamenet to the police in dallas ?

then just Went on a bus home ?

he was a Soldier how could he gone so wrong ?

he didnt.

what happened to the sniper riffle ? the gun he shot the police with or that was the policemens gun ? i Think so.

Lee Harvey Oswald looked like every american yes i saw that using old schoolbooks on google.

Why is there old schoolbooks at google ? the principals save the yearbooks so if someone will come at them ?

they have the year books left to se how they looked like,

They have names on the smart ones ? then they put the yearbooks at internet so everyone could find them fast?

Who called the ambulance ?

I do it or i Think someone els is ?

Did secret service in USA got a tips from an Anonymous person to go to the Place he worked ?

the tips was from the un agents ?

they shot him like near where lee Harvey Oswald worked and newed that it was easy to blame him.

How did jack ruby knew where lee Harvey Oswald would show up he couldnt ?

the Magazines just stay outside like waiting for the trial to begin ?

they dont know when ?

it doesnt say when ofc not it cant ?

bur jack ruby knewed he was also an former agent he knewed guns.

He owned some gangsters Money ? and maybe skatteverket ?

The secret service from usa knewed they had made a fool of themself ?

they said to jack ruby we clear your Money problem with gangster and skatteverket

and your former wife and kid gets the Money for the nightclub.

the un was just happy so people stopped looking for them.

yes jack ruby had a nightclub in New jersey before jersey.

jersey is in England ? on an Island !







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