No big Money Movies ? no Warner ?

peter pan forever young

jumanji into the wild

good will hunting

i thought that he was the same person in jumanji and good will you could see in good will that he had seen things ?


its something with the bench ?

ave ventura – jumanji

meybe he is not taken by the bad he is saved by the good hiding ?

some school maybe ?

he should like to teach ?

but but but fck school ? but but but you should go some learn languages some math comp ?

he has made good nice Movies with a purpose

chinese are smart ? they can read ?

its Always chinese people winning nobel Peace prize ?

he is prob the biggest actor in china ?

could he be the one behind dancing teacher ?


could the bench in good will hunting be from china ?

why has it now like back ?

people in china are short ? if they lean back lean back ? there feat will not touch the ground ?

he prob could speak mandarin ?



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