I have started Walking in my home thats why my brain is working again haha.

I do recommend people that dont like going to the gym or have the time, to train at home walk and buy dumbbells.

I Believe the personal trainers teaches completly wrong, old people that wants to loose wieghts they put on dumbbells from the start,

They short start with cyckling and sit-ups, with that they will loose weight strenghten there back and gain condition so they have the Power to excercise more,

They dont want us to feel good.


Please listen to Adele – Someone like you and Kurt Cobain – Smells like teen spirit acoustics i know they are Booth acoustics but i do Believe Kurt Cobain has written that.

I Believe some of the famouse people i searched for was kidnapped by the English to make Music for other often English artists..

Was it English security guards that got Whitney Houston to fake her Death and move to India.


I have the feeling there is something with Post Malone.

He has released to many good songs in short time.

Maybe they wanted a artists that did drugs now with the hip hop artists beeing more well behaved these Days.

A bad role model.

Please listen to Bubba Sparxx – Deliverance.

Just a theory.


Please watch this interview Jimmy Kimmel does with David Letterman,

What is Letterman talking about a mysterious horse.

I feel that Letterman owns Jimmy Kimmel and that Kimmel looks scared.

There must be something there.


I watched the shawshank redemption some weeks ago i know i wasnt right on what happened the night of the murder,

But i do Believe the Movie is based on that qoute/joke.

Maybe TIm Robbins told it and then his wife got mad and confessed that she has an affair with the golfpro,

Then he follows her.


It was from this video i got the thought that The Weeknd is the artist that the corrupt people on secret locations citys and the models like the most.

I believe its something with the girl at 1,24, she looks very angry and mysterious

I think its like that al the secretarys and criminal models look like, many of them is Russians with Colombian mother.

Its from there fathers doing drugs in Colombia in the 90`s.

Do there fathers live in NY also.

Could there bee something with Alessandra Ambrosio maybe she is like the queen for them, her ex or boyfriend

Jamie Azur seems a bit like a criminal.

I also found a blog


I believe its her they read about on there vacations on Coney Island ( Lord of war )



I saw Pearl Harbour last night.

Jon Voight plays the CIA boss in Enemy of the state ( 1997 ) and the President in Pearl Harbour ( 2001 ).

What can  the Connection be, maybe that the CIA Controls the security advice.

I missed an aspect in my World trade center text,

If the planes landed in NY as i wrote ( or did they do the Catch me if you can walk in Boston ) someone has to seen that, the Control Towers on the Airports where in on it.

I dont Believe any Agency like the FBI can see where a plane is but the security advice from the bunker in the White house ( Or did they get the info from the Towers ).

Maybe not al people had got there yet and i dont Believe they Watch it over again where how the planes flew.

And Bush wasnt in Washington.

It al happened very fast.

So basically the CIA are closer to the president than the secret service and thats why Jon Voight plays those two parts.

Was it Germany that forced Japan to attack Pearl Harbour.

Maybe it has something to do with cars and job opportunitys.

They wanted USA to enter the war so they could get more Money from the Soldiers.

DId the allied with USA France Sovjet Union  UK ( could USA really trust the UK, maybe the bosses where on a safe Place long from the war )  and China forgott to check what really happened after the war, with italian army Walking thru Switzerland.


I Believe the albanians as i maybe written Before in Taken are turks based in France to get to the English from France.

They are mad at the English after the game Galatasaray – Liverpool that escalated in big fights and Deaths.

Was it an turkish person working for the English ( maybe a guard ) that bought tickets to the English.

There where more English there than it should be.

The turks also help MOET to kidnap Young Girls and send them to Tokyo and Bangkok,

I Believe you can find them in the nightclub business.


I Believe the guvernment want to destroy the nightclubs.

They know that people feel better if they go out and party.

Maybe you get regrets that you used to much Money or did something stupid but that will go over,

Its better to go out have fun than stay home and feel bad.

I know in Sweden they have help from people working on nightclubs that are not doing al they can and DJs that are not doing there best.

Ive seen some signals of that.

Some are people that has been caught with drugs that are now helping the police/guvernment/doctors.

I know i have something big with my club concept.


I removed my name so that people dont come and chase me but im from Gothenburg Sweden,

To explain i dont know if what im writting are thru nobody has contacted my, but i do Believe FBI hunts for me they run where i wrote.

Thats why i sometimes leave links so people easier can find.

Maybe they never will contact me and help me,

But some of the things i found are to good not to be true.

At the end of April last year i Went on a crazy journey because some people where treating me very bad.

I went to Malaga Mallorca London Mallorca Prague it was on that journey i wrote the most my brain was going insane,

Some of the things are really strange haha and hard to understand but i will soon look thru whole website.

I got thrown out from nightclubs and hotels i got drugged at English places, on Mallorca i had a person following my every step,

Every bartender and cab driver tried to fool me on Money.

On some places they changed prices from day to day to get me to loose it.

On Mallorca in the room next to me they moved furniture when i wroted the most to get me to loose my track,

Some of the Airports i was at where bizarre in London they put me in a strange shower while my stuff where going thru the security Control.

They wanted me to loose the computer.

When i came home they put me on  a hospital for just leaving Gothenburg and taking SMS loans.

More than this site i had Another blog where i wrote alot of the things i have written in my instagram with juice

and that you should try to have fun when you feel bad.

I also wrote about a team of old ladies working on Swedish Channel 4.

They have a team trying to get to the men,

It started in the 90s when the men got Money from the IT bubble, the ladies didnt get let in on the places or get Close to there tables.

Some of them just because they had been fucked Before or because they took al of the champagne.

That took the ladies very hard so they started a team and tried to get to the men,

The ladies used the metoo to frame two Swedish tv personalitys Martin Timell and Lasse Kroner.

There has been a war beetwen the men and women in the upper class.

Mostly the women taking the mens Money and champagne.

But in Gothenburg they has gone to far with them framing nightclubs owners and putting men to prison with fake assault charges.

Its the same people in the USA that put Bill Crosby in jail ( how can you put a such an old man to prison ).

In Gothenburg for the last 15 years ive been accused of some very hard things without the police contacting me

they have used nightclub people to trying to get to me.

They got to me when i was drunk  tricked me to believing i had diseases and that i had something to do with a guy  dissapearing in Gothenburg.

They have used that i have been drinking alot and that i sometimes having trouble remember the day after.

I lived in delirium, this was  7-8 years ago.

Did i Dream it or did it happen.

But i know now with al that has happened that it al was thru, it did happen.

They hold me on a nightclub after it closed.

They wanted me to go to the police and confess something i didnt do.

I can not trust the police or my family.

Ive had security guards destroing my Life over 15 years and nightclub guards, they dont want me any good.

I know i had/have people in Gothenburg people i know trying to copy my website.

They are not my friends.

In Gothenburg ive had said goodbye to all of my friends i dont trust them.

Its maybe 5 people in Gothenburg i trust i know two of them has helped me chasing but i havnt seen them for over 2 years and maybe i ever will again i also trust some friends ive got on a restaurant i visit.

I know i have friends in USA friends ive never meet or maybe will meet.

I know my email is hacked they dont let every thing thru, more than my club concept ive have came up with two others really good business ide´s but nobody will help me.

I have removed al the apps but i Believe some people have a program in my computer so they can see what i do.

God people and bad.

I dont know how many followers i have the projectx instagram says 23.

Maybe some of you had tried to write on the “klotterplank” or on the instagram but you can not,

I Believe it is Paris that has written i Think i found hers email sending here some Music.

I know i reached out to alot of people doing PR for the site on the Youtube video for game of thrones final season and the joker trailer.

Ive found Greenland watching an extended Avicii – Without you ( lyric video ) that video is now gone.

When i searched for Diana i believed it had something to do with the series Ally Mcbeal when i checked on IMDB when it was released it said episode 1 and 2 got released 1999 and the rest 1997, maybe they didnt have the time to change it.

I dont know why they havnt contacted me but maybe some of the things i found can not come out,

I dont know if anything good will happen to me and i can leave this bubble.

Im dreaming of leaving Gothenburg but maybe i never will.





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