Apple Spotify Warner Sony music.

Daneil Ek came up with an idea, spotify.

He had heard hacked from apple that they where releasing an smartphone.

This was about 2008.

They met in Dubai, there they saw MJ and thought maybe we can use him release something with him
so spotify would get a big bang start.

Fly emirates told them that they where to “kill” him its better for you also, no nightclub music.
No arena shows more people stay home and listen to spotify.

Daneil EK somehow knew Sean Parker ( Napster, and one of them who started facebook )

Napster was a music site where you downloaded music from,
Napster had got there MP3 from people uploading albums on the net,
So sean parker had all the MP3s.
When you click on a song on Spotify there must be something like behind there, an mp3 located
on/at spotifys big server,

Napster had been shut down back n forward by the record labels.

Apple started with taking away the burnings cd function on there IMACs, people couldnt listen
to burned/bought cds on there portable cd player.

“apple needed spotify”
“spotify ofc needed apple”

2010 they released smartphone/iphone
and 2011 spotify.

In the beginning you couldnt find the whole albums, if you searched for MJ you got some songs from
him but not the whole albums.

Then they needed more music people didnt uploaded as much thanks to apple had removed burning cd #circles

And people had also started to buy less albums thanks to spotify #circles

( And maybe Napster had been shutdown maybe around 2008 so the music stopped there ? )

So they came up with the idea of tricking Warner/sony Music.

They told them “soon something big will come that will ruin the music industry”
But they didnt think that it was spotify they talked about.

Spotify buys the album for 15 dollars? and uploaded it, Warner/sony produce them, if you look on the albums
on spotify the album cover is there also. Them i think they can sell now.

So warner/sony got tricked the artists get the stream money which they dont.
And warner/sony only gets the money for the album.

Apple have left one clue, they created Ipod i think its called the little music player about 2003-2005.
On that first you used only for uploading songs to the ipod.

Songs you have downloaded from the net, maybe napster.

Now on ITUNES you can buy songs albums.
Albums songs SPOTIFY have bought from Warner/sony, its not apple that have bought them.

They are the same comapny but not what people know,

And Warner/sony music havent thought about how those songs ended up on ITUNES.

Thats why you cant find how rich spotify are, that money is included in Apple.

How did i find this ?

Why was Spotify an starting APP on iphone 4 ?
Apple would want people to buy songs albums from ITUNES ?

People might think Apple started 2010 Iphone.
It was the first big computer company , i think late 1970 ?
i think it was called enter then macintosh then apple.

Steve Jobs also created/bought PIXAR – animated movies.
Disney got lost, they probably thought some of them movies was there owns.

How have some bands gotten lost.

Warner/ sony music when spotify came still had CDs they could sell them but they forgot about it.
So they stopped putting up commercial about cds on bilboards.

So people forget about bands, cds and created playlists.

Quote 1
“The rolling stones has been there since the 60s”

Quote 2

“They dont have many albums left in them anyway”

Spotify also wanted those bands to be forgotten also, no arena shows ?
less albums / more home – spotify.

“you always have a beer after a concert”

The bad ones at spotify.

That started it wanted it that way.

And since then the 1000 they have hired havnt thought about that, to put commercial when
a cd is beeing released on bilboards.

Apple ofc also is a big company where not everyone knows what the others is doing.

Steve Wozniacki was one of them who started Apple with Steve Jobs.
He lost his job i think before iphone.

He is about 60 and a bit overweight, the sometimes release interviews with him,
So people would believe everyone at Apple looks like him.

Its people in there 30s 40s that works at apple also, and its them that works with spotify to
ruin the music at nightclubs.
MAybe sons, relatives to the old.

And its probably them that sticks out the most at the restaurants ?
They play cards ?

On to another Subject.

“we make money on soda”

In NY, Chicago, LA every big city in USA everyone knows eachother they eat at the same restaurants.

They talk about what they do and they do.

People see cool people on an restaurant and checks them up they cant find any thing or hear anything on
that company.

They say we make money on soda to other, companys that makes money on soda ???

Thats why the company they really work at is an “google office” probably a company that ruins
for other companys.
They say so to people they trust.

And the “google office” ofc helps the companys that they say they work at, at the restaurants. ?
People cant find any on that company because its that company ? the use to get paid / salury ?

“That why there numbers are so low” ?

And people stop checking on them.?

TO explain they block other companys with the google office ? so the other companys will get better/bigger
and they can get more in salury ?

Its always people from Harvard ?

They started that company on Harvard already like a “training” company ?

“We make money on soda” started with police having asian girls they sleept with at a tennis court.
Nobody plays tennis there, so the police have fun and ofc buys a soda.

And other companys, companys that wants to hide that they are rich “that they are on a rush”
and plans to buy alot of shares.
They want to hide that they are rich.

They are ofc very happy so them people really wants to check ?
They also have a “fake” company ?

They can be rich on a rush thanks to they have bought some % from another company ?.
ANd they say they are the % that is left on that company ?

“We make money on soda” is a cover like the tennis courts is for the police.


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