( from january 2021, the other link doesnt work so there could be something here )

Here is a short briefing about my life and things ive written on the page.

My theory that murders and things is created in newspapper so that people would read and
feel bad isnt true, but i really wanted what i wrote in the paradise island text to be true
the matrix qoute “it is the world that have been pulled over you eyes”.
That the world really is great but things are created for us to dont see that.

But i do believe they are behind wars and terror-attacks.

I removed from the instagram that Napoelon and world war 1 was created by wikepdia it
was so stupid.
People have read about those events in books for years.
Thats why i had Napoleon in the anagram text.

I updated the anagram text little and explaned but it is nothing.

But i had some theorys on Napoleon

one theory was that columbus was from Italy he found USA, and i thought that it was from
Italy as i have written in the guestbook USA got free from with the letter of independce but it was from
England, somethings i didnt google enough.
And that there was a big army in Europe lead by Napoleon that helped the italian to scare USA so the Italians got control over USA.
But that was fake and everything in books about Napoleon has been fake also.
A big scam al the way.
But people that lived that time talked to there kids about Napoleon and his army, wars.
And there children heard storys and read books.
So ofc that did happen !
The other theory was that Napleon just was created around 1990 i believed my first theory was the national geographic but then i wrote wikipedia also, i thought wikipedia was created 1990 stupid.

But i really do believe that the Titanic can be found on Greenland, so they can create fake things.

I didnt wrote it on the page but i wrote it when i summend the page,
that no judes where killed in world war 2 and that auschwitz was fake.
Also so stupid people have met survivors and american soldiers have seen the camps.

I believe my theory was that if judes hear about judes that have been killed or taken,
they call there friends or relatives, and if they are ok they just believe its other judes
that they dont know that have been killed or taken.
So if everyone did that so maybe no one got killed.

But i will try to watch Inglorius bastards soon.

I want to watch more movies but atm im thinking about my weight i dont go to the gym
that much in these times but i power walk and excersise in my apartment
i have lost alot of weight thanks to training juice  and no alcohol.
I stil want to loose 8-10 kg more to reach my goal weight.

I forget about it when i wrote about my life on the page but ofc the main reason i ended
up in hospital after my trip the summer 2019 was because i wrote so stupid things about
people. But the main reason i did that was people that worked in the nightclub restaurant business
have threatened me bad and disrespectful and i know alot of people ive hanged out with is people that i cant trust.
And it was those people i wrote about and it was mainly the days after nights ive been
drugged i wrote the stupid things.
But i really feel my doctors are searching for things to have a reason to put me in
hospital longer.
And that is how it works have you been at a hospital before its really easy to end up there
again, they are looking for things to use against you.
The most stupid things i wrote in the beggining of the summer when i was in Palma, then
i calmed down a bit.
Im really not an angry pearson ive been to nice my whole life eventually i lost it.
On my other blog i wrote about some girls that have came up with things that arent true
i maybe went to far on some but i know im right on some of them.
I know some girls have created things to end it for some nightclub owners.
And that is why i will have trouble to find a nightclub job in the future because
they seen things ive written i wrote some stupid things on my facebook also.
But many of them knew why i was angry, and i managed to find some cool things also.
I will have trouble to find a day job also with me not having that good of an ending
on my last job.
But if i found a job i will start saving so that i can go to NY some day.

Sometimes that summer i thought i was smarter than i am.
I have written it on the instagram also about sponsors owners of teams and taxes
and money.
Its way over my knowledge.

Its hard to explain but i can see things, i know 100% that i found that secret city on Greenland
and maybe there other secret place in a fake prison in Panama.
I believe its on the top o greenland maybe its to windy close to the water so maybe
some kilometers in so no one could see them.
I believe no o one actually know hows the weather is on Greenland everyone have seen
“the deadliest catch” about the fishermen in Alaska. But the weather
dont have to be like that on Greenland.
And i wrote that it could been warm there i dont believe its warm
but maybe not that could as we believe.
My stupid theory was that Greenland was so big so if you have a map the top of Greenland
sticks up at the bottom of the page/map.
But over greenland is the north pole Antarctica so that was really stupid.

And another thing i havent thought about is that it actually live people on Greenland
i didnt think about that.
But my theory is that they secret city people have paid of the oldest smartest person
in every little village so they tell people not to explore the island that
there is nothing to see.

I also wrote on the page that it is two people that has helped me.
I havnt met them in som years but i know there are my friends, they havnt
helped me on things i found written on the page/instagram but i know they are really smart
they know what has happened in my life and i believe they have told
people that im really not that crazy that some people probably believe.
Everything ive written on the page is things ive found myself.

Ive been thinking on who they are on the island.
The bank owner in Inside man says that they things in the bank box is presents from the
The germans started the war was it them who robbed the dead soldiers?!?!

The Germans dont feel that cool to create an secret city.
I believe they are french and americans.

It was english people that drugged me on Mallorca.
Ive heard that english people eat fries to everything but i dont believe you
get fries when you order rice and chicken haha
I got rice chicken and fries on my plate it happened several times
they wanted me to gain weight so random.
It relly felt like everyone was againt me on my visit there the Swedish people also.

I have soon finished the new Barack Obamaa book, it is really interesting.
He was talking about the Guantanamo prison and that they had people there who was
behind the 9/11 attacks.
Ive havnt thought about that they have found people evidence that the al quadia was behind
it but it could just been planted by CIA and CNN.
And probably the people they have arrested want to be the people behind the attacks
but they really arent.
They planted evidence and caught people behind it so that people would stop looking.

When i was in the hospital after my weight loss the winter 2017/2018 i watched an episode of Punk´d
¨with Ashton Kutcher where he punk´d the artist Drake.
I cant find that episode now.
But it was from that video i got that english security guards are criminals
and can not be trusted ( securitas ).
I thought they had maked the video for someone to see.
Its like he wants to show that the video is fake that he was in on it, he is an actor also Drake,
To show that security guards can not be trusted.
Im not right on it because ive seen ashton kutcher talking about this punked on a talkshow.
But it was from that  punk´d ive got that from.
That artists really dont trust there securit guards.

Lets hope the corona situation soon is over with the people getting vaccinated.
Could ive given them something with the people behind the corona sold there apples shares
at the end of 2019 ?!?!?

i finally found the Avicii – Without you ( lyric video ) someone uploaded it again.

It was that video that i saw and came up with that the could be at a cold place like Greenland.

I really like watching it to get in projectx mode.

Avicii – Without You (Lyrics Video) – YouTube

Here is another video i like to watch, i watched it alot during my hospital times.

This Is What It Feels Like [LIVE] – Armin van Buuren & Trevor Guthrie – YouTube

I miss nightclubs but when they open again i will try to have more distans, i dont want to party that much

im thinking more on my health and i have started to read books wich is great, im starting to learn things.

When im finished with Barack Obama i will read some more books about american politics.


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